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Screencheat review
William Thompson


Shooting into empty space

Not totally invisible

All the weapons leave some sort of trail indicating where the attack has come from. Some such as the candelabra and the aforementioned Chefolet leave highly visible cues, whilst the revolver rifle leaves a minimal imprint. Basically, the more precise the weapon, the less visual notification it gives to the opposition, so it pays to keep moving once you've discharged your weapon.

Simple Controls

Screencheat can be controlled via the keyboard/mouse combination or with a gamepad. Personally, I found the keyboard and mouse option to be easier, but regular console players may find the gamepad option preferable with the thumbstick movement controls. The controls are very basic, with WASD (or thumbstick) for movement and the mouse for aiming and shooting. There is a jump button as well which can come in handy as you leap down from a high point on the map to a lower section.

The maps are vibrant, with the bright colours indicating different sections of the maps. This allows gamers to have some idea where their opponents are. The settings do have a somewhat blocky feel to them, but this adds to the fun atmosphere and doesn't detract at all from the gameplay. There are ten maps in all and are decidedly varied, each with a different theme. The sound effects are adequate, but the retro feel of the synthesised music fits in perfectly well with the old-school visual styling.

Need two sets of eyes

Screencheat has definitely come a long way since it entered Early Access on Steam. At the time it was definitely fun to play, but the novelty would wear off somewhat due to the lack of maps and game modes. But with the new additions of new maps and game modes, some cool new weapons and the introduction of the Training mode so that offline play is available, Screencheat has some added replayability. The bright visuals in combination with the electronic tunes give the game a cool retro feel as you run around looking for invisible targets. Indeed, after playing for a little while, you'll realise that having two sets of eyes would be handy, one to keep an eye on where you're going, and one on where your opposition is located. The fast paced game and the short matches mean that jumping in and out of matches is simple. So simple, in fact, that I'm going to head back in now during my lunch break. Hop into a match and see if you can find me...


fun score


Great concept, heaps of game styles and weapons


Often difficult to find populated servers