Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

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Savage 2: A Tortured Soul


An online only sport that combines the best of RTS and FPS action with elements from the RPG genre

Online RTS, FPS and RPG... oh my!

Savage [Sav-age](adj.) 1. Ferocious; fierce: in a savage temper. 2. Vicious or merciless; brutal: a savage attack.

Whichever definition you prefer, Savage 2: A Tortured Soul hopes to more than double the ante, taking the original fast-paced strategy shooter to an even greater level with better graphics, more complex maps, a greater variety of units and a streamlined user interface!

Developed and published by California-based S2 Games, Savage 2 is the next adventure in the critically and commercially successful series. Set in a futuristic Earth and with layers of action and strategy as well as role-playing elements, Savage 2 looks to add more novelty to the mix.

The story thus far...

In 2003, S2 Games released Savage: The Battle for Newerth. It was an online-only title that uniquely combined the first-person action genre with real-time strategy. In Savage, Earth is not in good shape. After a long period of gluttonous consumption of the Earth's natural resources, the economy collapses and civilization has fallen apart. The remaining nomadic bands of the planet are reunited by one Jaraziah Grimm. This "Legion of Man" begins to search for the secrets of old while Grimm's sister Ophelia leads the oppressed creatures of Earth (who have happened to have uncovered the secrets of casting magic) against these nomads in a struggle of epic proportions.

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul allows you to play through the continuation of this conflict. Players will have the choice between being human or joining the Beast Horde faction and each will utilize the weapons, spells and resources that are available to them. Commanders on the battlefield will distribute resources and the role-playing hitch allows for character progression with the earning of experience points throughout the game. This novel approach to gain experience allows players and teams to gain levels by defending, building and repairing structures as well as healing fallen comrades and killing enemies. Advancement in levels will allow players to add percentage points to their personal attributes including health, regeneration, magic, damage and armour. A persistent user account structure allows players to grow in power and status over time and tiered servers, aimed at ranges of player levels, will keep all of the battles competitive in nature.