Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel


Travel with Ascaron games, revisit the world of Sacred

Angels, Heroes and Monsters, oh my!

Sacred 2 promises many things, one of which is player diversity. In either a single player or multiplayer environment, players will be able to customize their character upon creation. There will be six playable races upon launch which covers everything from the good to evil and from melee to casters. Each character template will have its own advantages that it will bring to not only the single player game, but multiplayer groups as well.

Through out the "Sacred" series, the world of Ancaria has proven to be a huge playing environment. This will not change in Sacred 2. With Ancaria portrayed as a detailed and seamless 3d world, there will be plenty of places to go, explore and exact your holy (or unholy) vengeance upon. This new and unique game setting will bring a fresh feel to an already satisfying series. Travel throughout such a huge environment will be made easier with the implementation of mounts. Creatures of legend and lore both mundane and fantastic will be made available to the characters as the advances.

Good, bad, I?m the guy with the gun

One of the most attractive aspects of Sacred 2 is the ability to play both a good or evil storyline. Both campaigns are unique and offer new challenges for players as you complete one storyline and wish to explore the game further with something new. The good versus evil option also plays a factor in multiplayer games, allowing PvP environments in designated play modes.

Multiplayer makes up a large portion of Sacred 2 playability. With a LAN or online multiplayer available, the days of getting together with a few close friends and running around together hacking at everything that crosses your path, may make a return after the long lost days of Diablo 2. In an online multiplayer environment, several game settings can apply, from Clan Battle, Domination to Hardcore PvP and Free Game modes. With Ascarons' "World Lobby", up to 200 players can be supported in the same world environment and up to 32 players in a normal multiplayer game.

Underdressed angel girls never looked so good

Visually, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is stunning to watch. With advanced 3D rendering, shadowing and complex character animations, everything fits perfectly together. With the addition of rag-doll effects, a physics engine and mood affects, Sacred 2 will turn the heads of those who thought the days of the top-down view action rpg were numbered.

The interface is easy yet very effective and is reminiscent of other Action RPG titles, which is not always a bad thing. Why fix something that is not broken? Character models have been very well done. Detail has been given to the most mundane of details though out the game environment. From the sparkle of stained glass to the sway of local flora, simply stating the world of Sacred 2 is lush and vibrant is an understatement.

Live by the sword, die by not paying attention.

Combat can range from simple to insane depending completely on circumstance. The player is free to hire mercenaries to travel with and aid during combat. This is good for those frustrating points in the single player campaigns. With advanced opponent AI, you will need to stay on your toes a bit more then in the original. Combat will be fast paced, action oriented and innovative with combat combinations and the "Spell in Spell" combat system introduced in Sacred 2.

Character abilities and specialization also play a large part in combat and fighting style. Each of the six characters has their own style and advantages. Seraphim are specialized in the use of Magic and Technology and can use heavy weapons. The Temple Guardian on the other hand, can not use normal weaponry, but instead have a special inventory slot for unique Guardian abilities such as a Scorpion Stinger or upgraded claw attacks.

One to watch

Sacred: 2 Fallen Angel is going to be a very strong title which will again bring credit to Ascaron and the Sacred series. With its fast paced Action/RPG blend, diverse character progression and gameplay style, it will certainly be a title any fan of the genre should look out for.