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Rock Legend review
William Thompson


Sex, drugs and Rock 'n' Roll...without the sex and drugs.

"Money, money, money"

Being a management type game, Rock Legend basically involves two things. Firstly, you will need to keep the members of your band satisfied and motivated. Secondly, is the monetary function. You must make sure that the band makes enough revenue from gigs to cover expenses with enough left over to indulge a little. Of course, the two are intertwined. Making money and spending it on the band of course improves their motivation. Playing for bigger audiences will also improve motivation whilst rewarding the piggy bank.

Unfortunately, to play the really big stadiums, you will require a manager. Im not sure why you need a manager though, because prior to hiring him, you are normally doing OK. But anyway, once youve hired a manager, the large stadiums become available. Fame and fortune await but only if the performance is good enough. And by performance, I dont mean just the music, but the show as a whole. Nobody wants to see just a bunch of musicians playing their instruments. They want lights, smoke machines, big-screens and pyrotechnics. These are, as you might have guessed, all available, but come at a cost, both to purchase and to maintain.

Once you have all that equipment, you will need someone to carry it all. You and the band have become semi-famous, and dont want to be seen carrying your own stuff around. This is when a Roadie becomes handy. Other staff that can be hired include bodyguards, massage therapists, audio technicians and a PR agent. All these cost money to maintain, so make sure you are making enough to cover their expenses.

"Standing on the outside, looking in"

Graphically, Rock Legend is nothing special. The game plays like an old text-based game, but with pictures. The pictures are drawn well enough, but they become dull quite quickly. Even when you have special lighting effects, a smoke machine and a pyrotechnic show, the moving graphics are still relatively boring after a couple of shows. Having said that though, with a managerial game such as this, the graphics arent the major issue.

From a game titled Rock Legend, you would expect that the audio in the game would be first rate. In this case, youd be mistaken. Dont get me wrong though, the audio is OK, but not outstanding. The title track is great, but there arent many other good songs to keep listening to. I did like the small pieces of music that you are treated to when attending a concert. For example, when you go to see a techno-dance concert, a small piece of techno-dance music is played. But again, the variety is limited and becomes a touch monotonous. Sound effects too are limited, but do an adequate job.

Overall, as a management game focussing on the music industry, Rock Legend does a great job. The controls are extremely simple and the menus are well laid out, so that anyone can get into the game immediately. The game even has some inbuilt hints to help out further. The issues of mediocre graphics and sound are relatively minor and can be overlooked in the overall fun of the game. Rock Legend certainly is an independently developed game worth looking into, especially if youre a muso or just a music lover. As for me, my band and I will be playing at the MegaDome on Thursday night. I sure hope youll come and see us play.


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