Rise of the Argonauts

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Rise of the Argonauts


Huge muscles and tiny heads!

Defining epic proportions

Besides its more ingenious levelling system, Rise of the Argonauts intends to make the experience as compelling as the epic Greek myths themselves. The philosophy Liquid proposes to apply is to remove those technical nuisances that gamers have grown used to but that constantly raise eyebrows in everyone alien to the gaming world. The developers hope to capture that cinematic essence by making the player as linked with the State Of Disbelief as possible. Rise of the Argonauts won’t have a visible user interface and health will be handled on a more graphic nature. Instead of using health bars, the game will set textures and combat animations that are adequate to the health state that character is in. From what we’ve seen, character models are quite uncommitted to their limbs so we’re guessing players won’t have trouble finding out in what shape their opponents are in.

We’re a bit reluctant to believe that interface will be completely non-existent for commodity reasons such as weapon switching but we’ll be glad to be proven wrong by a functional interface scheme. Combat will be handled with a similar approach, by focusing battle on realistic, one hit kills. If Jason stabs an adversary with his sword, said foe will fall to the ground no matter how healthy he was before. Likewise, if Jason hopes to deflect enemy attacks, he must accurately position his shield between him and the enemy’s attack line. Without going as far as the realistic mood tarnishing the fun out of the gameplay, Rise of the Argonauts will feature regenerative health for Jason so he can retreat when badly hurt and rise up again later to continue fighting.

For the sake of Argo-ment!

I know, that was a dreadful pun. Jason’s ship, the Argo, will have a heavy role in the game. Inventory will be managed by storing items on a treasure room located inside the ship and those items will be visible as loot. It’s a simple mechanic that worked well in games like Codemaster’s own Overlord and that will bring a progress feeling to the treasure amassing process that comes with, well, looting. For the most part, the Argo will be used to travel between the islands Jason will traverse in his pursuit for the Golden Fleece and his fiancé’s assassins. That, besides being incredibly obvious, means that the Argo will act as a mobile city that on top of its treasure safekeeping function, holds stores and important Argonauts such as Hercules or Achilles. The Argonauts aren’t playable themselves, but will aid Jason in combat and fight alongside him.

Sprinkles of uniqueness

While Liquid Entertainment isn’t exactly reinventing the action RPG genre, they’re adding their personal touches at almost every front and that’s commendable. How this will work in execution is yet to be seen but so far, it’s looking good. Rise of the Argonauts will be available on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC in a little over a month from now and we’ll be aching to get our hands on this promising epic.