Red Faction: Guerrilla

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Red Faction: Guerrilla


Return to the red planet in third person view


The main way for victory to be achieved by the Red Faction is to destroy the enemies’ infrastructure. This means military bases, buildings, and even vehicles need to be wiped off the map. As these buildings and installations are destroyed the EDF influence in the area is diminished. If Alec can accomplish the task of destruction without causing civilian casualties or civilian buildings to be damaged then the civilian populations moral will rise and they may offer to fight along side the Red Faction. Destroy enough buildings and the EDF eventually gets pushed out of the sector that is being contested. After successfully completing a specific number of missions and winning the area the Red Faction forces are rewarded with equipment upgrades. You then move on to the next area that needs to be cleared.

The way you go about performing the building demolitions is truly a wonder to see and it is the main reason why I love this game. Volition has accurately modeled the building physics and this means that you can’t simply throw a bomb at a building and expect it to collapse in to a big pile of rubble. There is some planning that needs to be done in order to accomplish each mission successfully. Different types of munitions and weapons can be employed and the placement of these explosives is critical. Plant the bomb in the wrong place and you could fail. Every Red Faction operative is issued a big old sledgehammer and if you chose to take a building down brick by brick then feel free. It may take a long time doing it this way but I mentioned this tactic to emphasize that everything is possible in this new game. Seeing the building collapse is truly a joy.


The game features many new weapon systems, vehicles and other assorted equipment that can be used to accomplish each mission. The old tried and true pistol, machine gun and rocket launcher are available and as you advance in the game new weapons are unlocked. Some of my favorites are the arc-welder, the nano-rifle and the singularity bomb. The arc-welder spews out massive shards of electric energy and the nano-rifle can vaporize an enemy and his vehicle on impact. The singularity bomb is a beautiful weapon to use when attempting a difficult building demolition because it creates a small black hole that magically sucks the destroyed building in to its center. The previous games rail gun is back along with some special ability weapons and all this is what makes this game loads of fun to play.

Red Faction: Guerrilla has a multi player combat mode where you and 15 of your friends can slug it out in various games called Barrel Dash, Escalation, Rampage and Total Chaos to name only a few. In the stand alone game as well as multi-player mode each player has the opportunity to use an assortment of back packs that provide a special ability once they are equipped. Add in an assortment of vehicles such as armored personal carriers, missile equipped tanks and mechanized mining robots that can be driven and you have the makings of a very enjoyable experience.

Never the same

Red Faction is a game franchise that has a tried and true formula for success. Simply watching the various buildings collapse after being demolished is something that isn’t available in other games of this type. The equipment that the player can use coupled with the structural physics that Volition has employed in order to produce this game is truly amazing. You can play this title numerous times and the way things happen, and the way buildings collapse will never be the same every time. Check this one out come June of 2009.