Nothing short of breathtaking

Citizens of the Ruins

Like many modern RPGs, Rage allows players to learn new skills and create new weapons and abilities based on their interaction within the environment. For example, utilizing tools and items found in the environment, the player was able to construct an RC car with bombs attached to it using a blueprint found earlier in the game. He was able to drive it into the room and detonate it before the bandits had a chance to react. These new items and tools can be constructed at any time meaning no need to go looking for a special room or a workbench: if you need it and have the prerequisite materials, then you are good to go.

The final level id showed is currently called Dead City and, as you’d expect, the name is pretty descriptive of the overall feel of the level. Located a good distance from Wellspring, Dead City is a former major urban center from which no visitor has ever returned alive. We were about to find out why.

As the demonstrator trekked forward through some jagged terrain he came across the remains of a former cityscape. Ruined buildings dotted the skyline and dozens lay collapsed upon one another, covered in dirt and rust. Suddenly a ravenous howl split the air: the mutants were coming.

Taking up arms, the player begins a desperate stand against dozens of mutants until a ten-foot tall grenade wielding behemoth burst out from behind some debris. The monstrous mutant fires erratically, doing as much damage to his compatriots as to his intended target, the player. The player was eventually able to kill the larger mutant and finish off the smaller ones as well. The battle over, the room takes a collective breath of relief, if only for a second as the ground begins to shake violently.

Something was approaching, something even bigger than the large mutant dispatched moments before. The camera panned around in an almost nervous fashion, scanning the horizon for enemies, the assault rifle fully restocked on rounds and ready to fire. I couldn’t help but feel the same apprehension I did as a child watching the glass of water ripple with each footfall of the Tyrannosaurus Rex as it arrived on screen for the first time in Jurassic Park. As the camera panned around to a street corner a giant hand broached the edge of another building. The mutant was easily five or six stories tall and is easily one of the most imposing creatures id has ever created. As it turned the corner and noticed the player, the demo ended.


Our time, however short, with Rage was absolutely breathtaking. We were only given a small taste of the overall Rage experience. Fortunately our demonstrator - id Software’s Matt Hooper - promised more information about the game would be revealed in the coming months. I, for one, can’t wait to see more are looking forward to this year’s Quakecon where the game should be on display next.