Peter Jackson's King Kong

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Peter Jackson's King Kong


The King of Kongs shall knock on your door...

Eye-candy galore

The game visuals are really quite extraordinary and give the impression that you are in a living and breathing environment, a real jungle. However, you will not have much time to enjoy these colorful and realistic scenes, mainly because you will be involved in a fight to the death for most of the game. However, the atmosphere of the jungle is excellent. When it rains then game objects look wet. The dino's hide looks scaly and King Kong's fur shows scars and other injuries that he has sustained in his many fights. It is also an interactive landscape in that many of the items you find along your way are useable by your character in the game. If Jack finds a stick, then he can wield it as a club. But don't think that Jack will be able to club the V-Rex to death because there is no way for him to kill the beast. I mentioned the possibility of using a spear earlier. By using the spear against the T-Rex you aren't attempting to kill him outright. The only purpose of Jack's actions is actually to give himself and his party a chance to escape from the various beasts in the game. This concept makes you seem and feel very small in a world inhabited by monsters. On the other hand, when you play as Kong you feel like a massively powerful beast. Which of course you are! King Kong will beat his chest, roar and then tear the T-Rex literally in half.

Hear Kong roar!

The sound effects are also excellent. The rattle of Jack's machine gun pouring out of the speakers really sounds nice. But I must say that I greatly enjoyed King Kong's mighty roar while he is fighting. Also the resounding thud that you will hear when Kong throws the T-Rex mightily against a wall will keep your adrenaline running and your eyes glued to your screen. Add in the various jungle sounds, the screams and crazy exclamations from your group members and you have what will make for an enjoyable gaming experience.


I really enjoyed this game and I found that the learning curve really isn't that overwhelming. It took me a while to figure out the controls and to start getting the point that when I was playing as Jack there was no way I could fight my way out of situations by blasting away with my gun. The fact that some of the graphics are taken directly from the movie really makes for an immersive gaming world. I must say that I greatly enjoyed playing King Kong. If my opinion counts for anything then I can say that a game devoted to just rampaging as the King of the jungle would be enough for me. But this game gives you the added benefit of playing both sides. An excellent concept and game!