Omerta: City of Gangsters

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Omerta: City of Gangsters


Gamescom 2012: Dirty cash I want it


Much of the game plays out in real time on the overall map but some missions require a more personal touch, for which the game switches to a turn-based tactical mode. Up to four henchmen can be taken on these missions, along with one support guy who doesnt participate but paves the way ahead of time, for example by ensuring that some of the guards of the bank that you are raiding never show up for work.

When the mission starts, your henchmen are put into an action queue, their position determined by their initiative rating. Initially the queue only shows your own people, but as soon as an opponent spots you he is added to the queue. An Xcom-like action points system determines if you have enough points left to take cover or shoot. Should you choose the latter, your mobster wont be able to walk away, regardless of how many action points he has left. Melee weapons are generally stronger than guns and often come with a handy perk. Hitting someone with a baseball bat will cause a concussion that lowers their initiative for example. When hit with enough force, theres a good chance that you can keep hitting the target until he is either dead or too badly wounded to do any more harm. Using a bat is also a great way to invoke fear in your opponents and empty their courage bars. Should their courage dip below a certain point, they might decide to give up and open the safe for you personally.

Successfully completing a mission leads to rewards in the form of money, a new gang member and more. Failure, however, comes with penalties. Wounded henchmen that need hospital time, a loss of notoriety or fear by the community, a man jail, it can all be remedied but it will set you back a bit.

More features than you can shake a stick at

I could probably write five more pages detailing every feature we were shown at Gamescom but there are many more games to write about. One feature I really should mention is the ability build up your personal hideout into a luxury home. Some upgrades have a positive influence on your businesses, for instance by increasing their efficiency or security. So its not just for show but money well spent.

Omerta: City of Gangsters may be built on the same engine as Tropico 4 but it looks nothing like it. Even the economic system has been specifically developed to suit the mafia lifestyle and the turn-based combat is completely new. The result of all this tinkering is a gangster simulation that has everything in its DNA to give strategy buffs an experience not seen since Gangsters: Organized Crime.