Murdered: Soul Suspect

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Murdered: Soul Suspect

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Murdered: soul suspect cheatfactor game review Our exclusive review of the game, including how cheats factor into the gameplay and affect the overall experience.
Murdered: soul suspect cheats, cheat codes & hints
Cheat Method (Invisible to Demons)
Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Murdered Soul Suspect\FateGame\Config"

- Open "DefaultAIPerceptionData.ini"

- Change line:




Murdered: soul suspect steam achievements list

A Watery Grave
Objective: Uncovered the Watery Grave ghost story

Objective: Helped Julie find peace

Ashes to Ashes
Objective: Uncovered the Ashes to Ashes ghost story

Objective: n/a

Baxter's Story
Objective: Learned about Baxter's Life

Objective: Helped Brad find peace

Cassandra's Story
Objective: Learned about Cassandra's Life

Objective: Discovered the meaning of the supernatural graffiti

Collector 10
Objective: Collected 10 artifacts

Collector 1
Objective: Collected an artifact

Collector 100
Objective: Collected 100 artifacts

Collector 150
Objective: Collected 150 artifacts

Collector 25
Objective: Collected 25 artifacts

Collector 50
Objective: Collected 50 artifacts

Collector 75
Objective: Collected 75 artifacts

Collector All
Objective: Collected all of the artifacts

Discover Remove
Objective: Used Remove for the first time

Discover Reveal
Objective: Used Reveal for the first time

Eternal Flame
Objective: Uncovered the Eternal Flame ghost story

Objective: Defeated a demon

Ghosts Never Die
Objective: n/a

Half-Truths and Whole Lies
Objective: n/a

Objective: Interrogated a ghost for the first time

Objective: Completed the first investigation

Objective: n/a

Julia's Story
Objective: Learned about Julia's Life

Lost Causes
Objective: n/a

Makeshift Sanctuary
Objective: n/a

Man in the Box
Objective: Uncovered the Man in the Box ghost story

Objective: Used Mind Read for the first time

One of Us
Objective: n/a

Objective: Used Poltergeist for the first time

Possess the Cat
Objective: Possessed the cat

Rex's Story
Objective: Learned about Rex's Life

Ronan's Story
Objective: Learned about Ronan's Life

Salem's History
Objective: Discovered Salem's history

Objective: Helped Katy find peace

Objective: Teleported for the first time

Terror on the Tracks
Objective: Uncovered The Terror on the Tracks ghost story

The Bell Killer's Story
Objective: Learned about the Bell Killer

The Bell Tower Banshee
Objective: Uncovered The Bell Tower Banshee ghost story

The Death Wish of a Shady Man
Objective: n/a

The Heirloom
Objective: Uncovered The Heirloom ghost story

The Missing Body
Objective: Helped Ingrid find peace

The Stalwart Specter
Objective: Uncovered The Stalwart Specter ghost story

The Witch Trials
Objective: Discovered information about the witch trials

Tightening the Noose
Objective: n/a

Wicked Tempers
Objective: n/a