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Mirror's Edge


An incredible new take on the tired FPS genre

Hop, Skip and Jump (cntd)

With Faith’s job as an illegal courier, being fit and a good athlete is a must if she wants to survive. And yes, the platforming is very strong. One demonstration saw the person controlling Faith make her sprint to the edge of a skyscraper, chopper in close pursuit behind, and leave it until the very last moment to jump. Everybody collectively held their breath, and watched as Faith seemed to bicycle her legs through the air. But she made the jump. A sigh of relief escapes us. We’re already attached to Faith. We want to see where she’s going, what she’s going to do, and if she’s going to make it. It’s thanks to the game’s incredible attention to detail when trying to make Faith real that we feel this way. If she was just another gun and legs, the game would still be impressive for the platforming, but not nearly as wowing as it’s currently looking to be.

The controls are looking especially interesting, implementing an Assassin’s Creed kind of system where each button and trigger relates directly to a part of Faith’s body (no, not those parts). It’s an interesting mechanic, which worked quite well with ‘Creed, but some gamers found it lacking in depth and challenge. Let’s hope DICE have found a way around it here.

The World’s Cleanest City

As you’ll be able to see form these screenshots, the city looks incredibly clean and white, like it’s being polished constantly by a crack troop of caretakers. This is used as an actual gameplay mechanic. As the city is so white, any other colour will stand out against it clearly. So DICE have made it so that anything that is red or blue is something that can be interacted with in some way, normally by being jumped on, across or over. It makes it easy and natural to pick a path through the intricate levels, and nothing beats the thrill of leaping off of the top of one skyscraper onto a crane resting on top of the adjacent building. It’s great stuff, and the promise of multiple paths with varying difficulty has us intrigued.


All in all, Mirror’s Edge looks set to revolutionise the way people think of first person games, a phrase which we’re no doubt going to hear a lot in the run-up to the game’s release. We’re not entirely sure yet if the game can spread this fantastic gameplay mechanic over a long single-player adventure without getting repetitive, but what we’ve seen so far looks simply incredible. So, if any developers out there are reading this, my advice would be; start development on your copycat title now, this game sure looks like one that’ll spawn a few clones.