Men of War

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Men of War


World War II and RTS go hand in hand


World War II and the Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre go hand in hand, and Men of War – the second sequel to Soldiers: Heroes of World War II – is no deviant from the generic formula that works. With the previous title being a big hit under the radar, we can hope that this one enjoys the same success.

RTS games come in many flavors and while it may seem otherwise, only a handful is WWII related. However there is enough out there for the theme to be getting stale. It has been done countless times already over many different genres, and milked by many different series. But it is not every day you see a new RTS about WWII.

Single player

Men of War is set in Europe and North Africa, where you take control of three different nations; the Soviets, Allied and the Germans, which are all playable campaigns. The in depth single player experience is spread over 3 different and quite unique campaigns, with 19 missions to play through in total.

Each of the three campaigns has its own storyline accompanied with a structured timeline that fits the scenarios you see in the single player missions. A small handful of bonus missions will be available as well.

The series is seeing quite an overhaul with a lot of new ideas and features being added. Apart from the graphics which had a nice update on character, vehicle and weapon models, there are over 20 new unit types available in the single player mode. Over 100 new sound effects of weaponry and vehicles that have been put into the game were recorded under real operating conditions.

These features are also backed up by High Dynamic Videos to enhance the single player experience. A fully customizable user interface will also be available, so you can set things out just how you like them, making menus more accessible and giving the ability to group them together.