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Megabyte Punch review
Matt Porter


Ramping up frustration.

Customising your Hero (cntd)

If you die, you will respawn back at your house, which is always a frustrating experience. If you lose all your health at any point during the three stages before the boss, then you will have to restart the whole world again. Thankfully, once you reach the boss you can go straight back to it if you die, but you will still have to run all the way from your house to the entrance point.

Fighting Frustration

That said, I didnt die too often, particularly in the early levels. The combat is very reminiscent of the Super Smash Bros. games. As you get hit, your percentage damage increases. Once it becomes too high, a simple punch will send you flying. If you are hit into scenery at great velocity, or smashed off the map, then you will lose a life. Your lives can be replenished by collecting bits from fallen enemies, or by disassembling parts you have collected. You will usually not be fighting more than a few enemies at once, and you can generally control them pretty well.

Later in the game, the opposing bots become much more dangerous. If they get one hit in, they will often be able to perform some sort of combo on you. If this happens all you can do is sit back and watch your damage increase, as there is no way to break out of a combo. At times it felt like I was playing Street Fighter against an accomplished player while I was trying to button mash. It was also never clear which sort of attack interrupted another. Probably the most frustrating aspect of the combat was the fiddly nature of aiming attacks. It seemed the game was very picky about which direction I was facing, causing me to frequently miss, even when I was apparently right on top of an enemy.

Moving about

The platforming element of the game is good and allows you to combo your wall jumps and double jumps into your other abilities like boosts and spins to traverse great distances. Wall jumps are performed simply by pushing away from the surface, which worked in some situations, but occasionally resulted in unwanted bouncing in confined spaces. I feel this wouldve been solved by tying the jump button to wall jumping. However, as it is, the movement is the best part of the game. I also appreciated how parts of the scenery would break apart as you slammed enemies into them, sometimes even opening up new, previously unreachable paths.

More Frustration than Challenge

To begin with, I enjoyed the flow of the game and I thought the platforming and combat were pretty good. However, as the enemies became more difficult, playing the game became more of a frustration than a challenge. Megabyte Punch is a decent length for the price, especially if you factor in the tournament mode and custom fight modes outside of the main story. All of the modes can be played with up to four human players, so it might be worth getting a few friends round and each pitching in for the cost. Everyone wants to punch a few robots every now and then.


fun score


Super Smash Bros style combat. Destructible environments.


As the difficulty ramps up, so does the frustration.