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Left 4 Dead 2


This time, it's personal


The survivors have a lot to overcome on their journey to New Orleans and Valve is happy to supply them with a whole range of weapons to use. Not limited to the six weapons available in the first game, players will be able to find different models of weapons as well as some amazing new ones. Left 4 Dead 2 will not reuse the ones from the previous game but instead will have new models that encompass new rules. Tier 1 weapons include a sound-suppressed Mac-11 submachine gun and a pump-action shotgun. The Tier 2 weapons is where things get interesting as it appears multiple models will be available for the assault rifle class including the FN SCAR as well as an AK-47. The auto shotgun has been replaced with a SPAS12 shotgun, a model that is just as deadly but with a more familiar design. The hunting rifle has been replaced with a G3SG rifle that looks far more deadly than its predecessor. The biggest surprise at Comic-Con was the grenade launcher, a weapon of limited ammo but incredibly strength that uses the same model Arnold Schwarzenegger used in Terminator 2.

The most prominent new additions as far as weapons go is the reveal of melee weapons for the players. Current weapons include a standard fire axe, a cricket bat, a baseball bat, a chainsaw and, humorously enough, a skillet. These weapons are incredibly powerful and will kill most common Infected in a single hit. The catch with these however is that they must be dropped in order to switch to your guns so timing can be an issue.

Weapons aren’t the only new items players will be able to find during their trek; several new power-ups look to be game-changers. While the game will still involve the standard fare of med-kits and bottles of pills, new to the game will be adrenaline injectors, devices that, when used, gives the player an additional twenty-five temporary health, reduces melee fatigue, and prevent Infected melee attacks from slowing down the player. The injector will make runs to the escape vehicles far easier during a tense finale. Also included are explosive ammo and ammo packs, backpacks that replace med-kits and allow players to refill their main weapon’s count anywhere in a map.

Boomer? I Hardly Know Her!

The new survivors aren’t the only characters added to the fray, a new contingent of infected are added to the mix as well. The first known special infected is the Charger, a large lumbering infected similar to the Tank in both size and appearance. What sets him apart also explains his name as it can charge headlong and launch an entire group of survivors across a level with ease. Unlike its predecessor it does not share the Tank’s health and can be killed rather quickly. Once the Charger is able to lock on and hit its target (in a manner similar to the Hunter) it captures the survivor and begins repeatedly pounding him/her into the ground.