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Killing Floor 2


Gamescom 2014: A Zed-hit

Ramping it up (cntd)

To demonstrate, Mike first showed us gameplay from one of the lower difficulty settings to give us some point of reference. Once the difficulty level got ramped up, mobs tended to be more effective at swarming and monsters would perform different attacks such as jump-kicks. They also took evasive action, making it a lot harder to get that satisfying headshot. The larger, bulkier Zeds even played dead, only to get up when our demonstrator got near enough after forgetting to make double sure that they were down and out.

Killing Floor 2’s melee combat has received a massive overhaul too. Players can use light and heavy attacks - all based on directional movement - as well as blocks and parries. Combined with an ability to stun the Zeds, it all feels far more robust than in the original game.

Let the bodies hit the floor

The gore system, as Mike put it, has been cranked up all the way up to eleven. Blood will be persistent, literally allowing you to paint the town red. The creatures in Killing Floor had five dismemberment spots, for the sequel this has gone up to a staggering 19, with five in the head-section alone. Kills will not soon look boring, that’s for sure. The team has jokingly named the gore system ‘MEAT’, or Massive Evisceration And Trauma. There were other name suggestions, one of which was TWERK. I have no idea what it stands for, but you can let your imagination run with it.

Aspiring modders are welcomed to keep adding to the game. Killing Floor 2 will be completely open and I am sure that it is only a matter of time before someone makes a Final Fantasy Buster Sword or Light Saber. Tripwire is not entirely convinced that Steam Workshop is accessible enough - despite really liking the general idea - so mods will be applicable from within the game itself.

The game will allow players to tweak their characters with perks that give them commando-like skills, or support abilities such as ammunition drops. Tripwire intends to use the upcoming Early Access phase to monitor character builds closely to ensure that no perks are so powerful that everyone only ever builds the same character.

Before it’s ready…

Tripwire has a “when it’s ready” policy, which means we have no ETA for when Killing Floor 2 arrives. Yet the footage we have seen looks really good and with all the experience and enthusiasm driving the guys from Tripwire Interactive, we’re confident that Killing Floor 2 will be a monster hit… or should I say Zed-hit? We’ll be seeing Paris burn once it’s done.