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Just Cause 2


Rico returns better than ever

Next big action shooter?

Just Cause 2 is the much anticipated action shooter from developer Avalanche Software. The game is intended for all of the major game platforms and it is slated to be published during the first quarter of 2010 by Eidos. JC2 brings back the very popular open sandbox style of gameplay used by the first incarnation of Just Cause back in 2006. Grand Theft Auto was one of the first shooters to employ the go where you want mode of play and Just Cause incorporates it very nicely into their large and diverse terrain, running on an updated Avalanche Engine 2.0 game engine.

Rico will hook you

Our old friend from the first game, super soldier Rico Rodriquez, is back and he sports some new weapon systems and armaments to go along with returning favorites from the first game. Included with this impressive arsenal of laser guided rocket launchers, mini-guns, various styles of machine guns, grenade launchers, rifles and pistols is a powerful grappling hook that allows Rico to do things that no normal agent could possibly dream of doing.

The grappling hook when operated by Rico allows him to grapple his way across terrain impassable by normal foot soldiers. When employed as a weapon the hook can cause some rather impressive things to happen. Being that the grappling hook has two usable ends to it means that one end can be attached to a solid immovable object while the hook end can grab hold of a speeding villain’s vehicle. Picture in your mind for a moment what will happen when all of the wire is played out and that’s the type of carnage that can happen in Just Cause 2. Of course, the grappling hook can also be used for other everyday purposes so the sky is the limit so to speak.

Sandbox to play in

Just Cause 2 being an open ended sandbox game, there isn’t a strict scripted path that needs to be followed. If you feel like destroying everything in sight then have a go at it. The main focus in the game is to cause as much mayhem and destruction as possible in this seemingly serene south-east Asian tropical island setting of Panau. The original Just Cause took place in a much smaller urban setting known as San Esperito. The object of the game in JC2 is much the same as it was in the first game and that is to depose another evil dictator. This time he is named Baby Panay and he comes complete with a massive force of followers that need to be taken care of.

Unlike the first Just Cause, the new game’s enemies come with a much improved artificial intelligence. The enemies will no longer charge headlong into your massive and deadly weapons fire. The new AI now allows the enemy force to use the game's interactive terrain to their advantage. That means that they will be hiding behind numerous and different game objects that must be dealt with. In addition to this, the enemies can use rudimentary tactics and maneuvers to try to throw you off of your game.