Hitman: Blood Money

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Hitman: Blood Money


Hitman running into the right direction

Would you like fries with that...telescopic sight? (cont.)

The movement in the game has been given a slight improvement from previous versions in the series. Our arch-hero is able to climb up ladders as well as scale walls to get to his next destination. This can also be used to escape from tricky situations. Another ability Agent 47 has acquired is the ability to hide from enemies and future targets. This becomes very essential indeed, as clean hits give more money.

Of course, as you get further into the story, you will no doubt get the impression that you, as Agent 47 are also one of the intended targets. So apart from satisfying your missions, you must keep yourself away from harm. The AI has seemed to have improved from the previous Hitman game. Enemy agents will investigate suspicious items and will also follow blood trails. This gives you added incentive to make sure you complete your 'hits' with minimal damage to yourself.

He may be bald, but does he still look sexy?

Maybe, but then again I'm not the best judge of a man's looks. But Agent 47 has indeed been very well rendered, as are all the characters in the game. They all have that Sim-esque look about them, especially as you move through a crowd. The locations also look really good and although the game seems to have a darker look to it than its predecessors, it definitely feels appropriate with the subject matter, and further enhances the 'underworld' feel.

The visuals are enhanced with the sonic area of the game. Sounds seem authentic - although personally I can't tell you what kind of a sound a bullet passing through a man's head really sounds like - and along with the music continue in the vein of that dark, secretive ambiance.

Is it worth forking out some cash?

This title seems to be leading the series to the right direction. The improved graphics and sound alone may not be enough to make gamers (especially those who have played previous games in the series) want to purchase the game. However, the fact that Agent 47 has acquired some new moves (unfortunately, he hasn't acquired any new hair) may give fans of the series an incentive to go out and purchase a copy. Those new to the series may enjoy the difference that this game provides with the 'clean' hit scenario. This game could be worth a look for fans and newcomers alike. We look forward to seeing more of the game closer to release date at the end of May 2006.