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War is on the horizon

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Assault Teams are controlled by Generals via the Campaign section of the menu. While fighting away from the Capital city of each faction, every battle that’s won provides a trade route that allows Generals to send Assault Teams to the frontlines. When these trade routes are cut off, battles must take place to reconnect the Assault Team with the spider-web of other trade routes. Keeping a constant line to the faction’s Capital is important because the resources of an Assault Team are dwindling throughout a battle, and need to be resupplied via the trade routes.

Gold is the in-game currency used by both Heroes and Generals. Heroes use gold to purchase weapons, equipment and customizable options. Generals use gold to purchase different Assault Teams and slots to support more Assault Teams. Gold is typically earned in the First Person Shooter game of Heroes & Generals, by winning battles and getting kills, however there are other ways to acquire gold. Reto-Moto has provided a money to gold service where you pay actual money to acquire more gold. This is not only recommended because it is difficult to earn a lot of gold in the FPS, and because the money you spend on this in-game purchase goes directly to the development of Heroes & Generals, to make it bigger, better and an even better experience for players.

Authenticity Unrivaled

For an indie game, the quality actually takes a decent sized step into the presentation of the game. (Compared to most indie games, where the gameplay is the most important part.) The landscapes in Heroes & Generals are beautiful, thanks not only to the crucial attention of Reto-Moto, but to the realistic textures used. A fantastic advantage of this is realistic cover abilities. A player who is crouching on a hill surrounded by grass will be partially obstructed from the view of a player far away casually observing the hill side. This is a presents a huge opportunity for snipers to hide.

The music and sound effects are stellar as well, immersing the player in a classic 40’s-esque vibe. From the sound of Morse code transmissions to typewriters to the sound of a glory marching band when you capture a command post, it’s accurately portrayed. The orchestrated soundtrack also adds a sense of time and place, which can be beautiful or (at other times) chaotic. I often found myself putting the music on in the background while I worked, as it’s a treat to listen to.

War is on the Horizon

What’s in store for Heroes & Generals? Reto-Moto has announced many additions they would like to add in the game’s future, such as mobile support and different theatres of war.

Mobile support would add a touch of portability to your game. Rather than mess around with the common trial and error experienced by FPS developers on mobile platforms, Reto-Moto will most likely allow you to control only the Real Time Strategy aspect of Heroes & Generals, not the first Person Shooter. This would include being able to upgrade your Assault Teams, move them around, view an update of the current war and even chat with in-game friends.

Adding different theatres of war would entail fighting in new environments, and WW2 saw a lot of those. Some key examples are African tundra’s, war-ravaged country sides, Pacific jungles and snow-capped landscapes.

And Now, We Wait

Despite the massive amount of content already packed into Heroes & Generals, it will get even better as time passes and its following grows. It is a breakthrough take on an overused concept, something we’ve come to miss in the video game industry.