Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade

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Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade


Space strategy, with a twist

Sharing those genes

In his crazy adventures, Captain Iconah will take on 30 or so non-linear missions, through which a heart-warming story of epic proportion will unfold. The storyline will have plenty of twists and up to three different endings. Eschewing the standard harvest-build-destroy mission structure, the missions will require the player to accomplish a variety of objectives, keeping the game fresh and challenging. Genesis Rising will also come with a real and open diplomacy feature. The player will be able to trade ships, genes and blood, and form and break alliances with other factions. Not withstanding the obvious health risk of rampant exchange of bodily fluids. Diplomacy offers an exciting and viable alternative to wantonly shooting each other with meat-cannons and opens up new strategic opportunities. How far Metamorf Studios carries this feature and whether diplomacy will have lasting impact on the storyline across missions remains to be seen.

As with many of the modern day RTS games, Genesis Rising incorporates some RPG elements in its design. The player will gain new genetic materials across the missions, with which they can customize, or mutate to be precise, the units to suit their strategies, or just to look cool. The degree of mutation will be limited by the class of the unit ? light, medium, or heavy. Each class will come with a different number of customization slots, cleverly named ?Geneslot?, where you can insert genes that add or augment the unit's abilities. Your customized mutant babies as well as the gene-filled mothership will be carried across missions, increasing the need to take good care of the happy family.


Speaking of which, your mothership will serve as a base for research, production and acts as the last bastion of your fleet. Combat will be smaller in scale than for example Homeworld and does so by putting more emphasis on micromanagement and the unique tactical abilities of individual units, all in an arcade-pace. A blend of Warcraft and Paraworld, if you will, only in space!

In multiplayer, players can duke it out with one of three factions available. Thankfully, all of the three factions will be healthily organic so no one will be deprived of the use of meat-based weaponry, or be left out of the blood fest for that matter. However, the size of the factions' respective meat-cannons is yet to be revealed. With Genesis Rising's full suite of user-friendly multiplayer support, players will be able to find their opponents in-game as well as fine-tuning their unit mutation preferences before the match. The game is planned to be able to accommodate up to 16 players in a session, with game modes ranging from standard competitive matches to co-op missions. A map editor will also be available should you wish to create your very own empty space to battle in. There is no word as yet on built-in voice-chat support, so those looking for a more immediate and intimate (or abusive) communication may need to seek third-party software.

Stay tuned

It goes almost without saying that Genesis Rising, as a space strategy game, will be no slouch in the graphics department. Aside from the obligatory colored lighting to satisfy all space fans, it will have full complement of advanced particle effects, shading, and full-screen effects. The use of normal mapping will also allow ungodly amount of detail thus silencing even the worst of the graphics brats out there. As a special bonus, there will be realistically meaty surfaces in additional to the traditional metallic and buggy ones. And true to form, Metamorf Studios will have the engine capable of rendering all the mutating battleships in real-time.

In an encouraging development, Metamorf Studios has already launched a multiplayer beta in October, which bodes well for their projected February 2007 release. For those who are not excited about this promising new title, you need to take a long and hard look at yourself and contemplate about your existence. For everyone else, stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available.