Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich

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Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich review
Sergio Brinkhuis


Action guaranteed!

Everything trashed? Cool!

Of course the game is all about combat and superpowers. Battle can be both brutal and chaotic and your enemies too, can't be taken for granted. Several times I found myself rushing into a room that seemed empty but had a number of enemies coming at me as soon as I entered. Between your own powers and, for instance, grenades being thrown at you, the chaos is sometimes hard to oversee. Friendly fire can be a real challenge and your characters will complain repeatedly about damage done by their friends. In the mean time, the battle is wreaking havoc on your surroundings and regularly I caught myself thinking 'Wow, the whole area has been thrashed. Cool!' This adds even more to the sense of chaos and all of it together has the game brimming with action.

For those who wish some help during these moments; the game can be paused by pushing the spacebar. With the game paused, you can take your time figuring how to come out on top when the battle is over. A feature that works well for me. Another way to deal with everything that's coming at you is making creative use of your squad's superpowers. Tombstone for instance, can possess enemy minds. It temporarily takes out an enemy and has him fighting on your side for the duration of the spell. Other powers will let you scare the living daylights out of your opponents so that they turn and flee, or simply stun them. It is commendable how much the variety in special powers has increased and how Irrational has managed to give each of your characters a really unique feel.

Will this game hook you?

Yes, I think it will. But there are some things I need to point out.

Your enemies won't think twice about hitting you, but unfortunately sometimes your heroes seem to loose sight of their objectives. More than once I sent a group towards a location when one of them suddenly forgot what he was doing and never arrived. It's no showstopper, but combine that with heroes often not acquiring a new target after they've killed someone, and happily stand by while being fired upon, and you feel Irrational has wasted an opportunity. The voice acting is nice and cheesy, just the way we want it, but it would have been perfect had the characters been lip-synched.

The above can be easily forgiven though, because everything else has been done well. When I started playing Freedom Fighters vs. The 3rd Reich, I had high expectations. The original was so much fun that I was eager to play more. And that's exactly what we've been given. More of the action packed, fun filled gaming that I experienced two years ago. Obviously by now, the novelty of the graphics has worn off a little, but they're still responsible for the great ambiance in the game. Whatever way you look at it, Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich is nothing but pure, unadulterated fun.


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