Fable: The Lost Chapters

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Fable: The Lost Chapters review


A truly immersive gaming experience

Graphics and sounds

Fable is a beautifully drawn game with excellent high resolution graphics enhanced with brightly lit, colorful outdoor scenes as well as eerie, dark and dank feeling cave and dungeon scenes. The weather and day/night change in the game as well as the lighting for realistic looking indoor and outdoor scenes. The artists who worked on Fable TLC are extremely talented, using storyboard type paintings in cut-scenes and other areas in the game that really are remarkable if you take the time to view them. I'm not an art critic, but I did enjoy the art very much in this game. The music and background sounds are also quite good, not the best game music (Morrowind) I've had the pleasure of getting lost in, but they fit very well with the game and create an enjoyable mood for you to become immersed in.

Hero's changing physique

The unique aspect about Fable TLC is that you get to see your character develop and change based on many things that you can do and are affected by while interacting in the game. Aside from the different clothing you can wear, and (slightly exaggerated) weapons you can wield, a fight with a Balverine may scar you for life. When you increase your strength you develop muscles and a great physique. If you follow the path of evil, you will grow horns, walk hunched over and develop really scary red-circled eyes. If you do no wrong and follow the path of good, you will soon gain an angelic glow; a halo will even appear above your head. You can enhance (for good or evil) your body with different tattoos, beards and moustaches. You will learn gestures that can either attract or scare people away that you come in contact with. There is quite a range of character appearances and attitudes available in Fable TLC that will suit any type of a RPG player.

Overall impressions

Fable is the type of game that you will not want to be distracted from once you are involved a quest. Don't start the Arena quest unless you have 2 - 3 hours so that you can rescue your Mom too. You will probably complete this game in 10 - 15 hours if you just follow the main quest line, but all of the side quests will add another 4 - 6 hours of game play. After the storyline and main quests are completed you can continue to play and complete the side quests, or you can do them during you main quest as you come upon them. All in all, the re-playability (good guy & bad guy paths) and total gaming experience for Fable TLC should be good for 25 - 35 hours of fun.

Fable TLC will make you laugh and sometimes might even shock you for an RPG, but the hours that I spent playing Fable were very enjoyable. I just had to call my son into the room a number of times to show him the antics of my character who was trying to court a prospective wife, or how unusual he looked with all his full body tattoos. And as I am writing this review I can hear my son who is now playing Fable TLC, laughing it up, and it is now he who is calling me to see what his character is up to.


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