DOOM review
Johnathan Irwin


Back to Hell

The Modern Age of Doom Guy (cntd)

Itís also important to note that there is just a bit too much emphasis on execution moves. While they can be avoided entirely, if you have developed a habit over the years of being an ammo conservationist like myself, youíll find yourself using it often. As blood and viscera become the new coat of paint on the walls, and the wave of enemies die down, you are granted the briefest moments of respite.

Scenes Of Destruction

The game is littered with an insane amount of hidden rooms and goodies, and Iím going to say that for the most part they are a lot harder to find than back in the day. And I mean, a lot harder. There are the faintest tell-tale signs a secret may be nearby, but unless you are actively looking for them or know what to expect itís often easy to overlook. When you do stumble upon them though, they are usually worth it. My favorite secrets though are, of course, the classic DOOM rooms which upon activation, unlock their corresponding level for play later.

The levels themselves are very tense in design. UAC facilities have heavy feelings of Dead Space and Alien: Isolation in terms of appearance and condition, with often flickering lights and bodies strewn about like toys. Your journey into Hell feels like, well, Hell quite frankly. In a good way, if going to Hell can be considered good. Hell is a mix of descriptions of the circles of hell meeting an industrial-inspired slaughter which only adds to the epic feeling of accomplishment the game derives from the player after each and every encounter. The environments are beautifully done and provide a perfect backdrop to the insanity going on around the player.

The Tenth Circle Of Hell, Multiplayer

While the singleplayer is an amazing experience, the multiplayer does leave something to be desired. While itís a crazy amount of fun, it sacrifices some of what made old school multiplayer so addicting in favor of a more streamlined loadout system. Rather than learning map layouts and memorizing weapon spawns, players unlock weapons as they level up and within a few levels you are able to pick your perfect setup. While this does put everyone on a more equal playing field, arena shooters were always about a mix of skill and map domination. While skill still plays a factor, map domination has been replaced by being a higher level to have more gear options.

Still, the multiplayer for DOOM is a great amount of fun. While there are plenty of modes to play, most seem to gravitate towards the Team Deathmatch playlist and itís a great amount of fun with friends. While the multiplayer may not last for a long run with so many other multiplayer titles coming out this year, itís going to be fun in the short term at least. Still, the star of the game is definitely the singleplayer as it should be.

Last Rites

All things considered, DOOM has exceeded my expectations. I was worried about another reboot, I was concerned that in their attempts to regain the past they would keep the rose-tinted glasses on and not modernize it enough. Iím happy to say, I was misguided in my concerns. DOOM is a must own for veterans of the series, and any FPS fans in general.


fun score


Blends old school with modern FPS nearly perfectly, amazing environments, smooth gunplay and acrobatics.


Multiplayer may not last, execution moves are emphasized on too heavily.