District 187: Sin Streets

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District 187: Sin Streets review
Preston Dozsa


Generic Fun


In the matches that I played, there were two problems that popped up often. The first was grenade spam, which occurs more often than you think because of an extremely short fuse time on the grenades and a lack of indication when a grenade has landed near you. While every player only starts with one grenade, the aforementioned short respawn time means that people often threw a grenade immediately upon leaving spawn. And when matches descend into grenade spamming, it becomes really frustrating to players who actually want to play the game

The more important second problem was server lag. When a new player joins that is not from the same continent as everyone else, the latency meter plummets into the red for every player involved. Not knowing this at first caused me to be cursed at by several people speaking in Spanish, and it caused more than one ban from some games. Now this could be easily remedied if people played in their zone, but the game automatically places you in a server upon logging in, no matter if you belong to that continent or not. It happens often enough that players simply exit matches in droves to find another game that is not causing an absence of hit detection.

On a technical level. District 187 functions adequately. Im going to go ahead and say that the game features the fastest download speed Ive ever seen in an online game, as Ive never had to look at a load screen for longer than five seconds. However, this may be a result of the small map size and lack of polish in the graphics. The game looks fine admittedly, but everything has a rough feeling when you look at it. The animations, the textures, and the player models all feel like they were lifted from a game made in 2007. And while it doesnt detract from the gameplay, it certainly doesnt do any favors towards the games personality.

Nearly right

I enjoyed my time with District 187. Its fun, and reminds me of many other games that I have played over the past decade. But that is my main concern with this game: It offers nothing unique of its own. From the gameplay to the aesthetic, everything feels like it came from another game or property. The gameplay and map design looks like it could have been taken straight out of Counter-Strike, while the models and aesthetic feel like a generic cops vs. robbers game. And while it is all well executed, it is far from memorable.

District 187 did nearly everything right. It nailed most of the gameplay, included a smart currency system, and ran extremely well. But will I remember my time with it next year? No, I will not.


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