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Acrobatic action in huge vertigo-inducing vistas

Vertical gameplay (cntd.)

In addition to the inhuman acrobatic tricks performed by the characters in the game, you will get a chance to use several different kinds of vehicles to do similar, but even more improbable stunts. You can use motorcycles to jump across chasms that should not be jumpable and shoot the heavy weaponry of giant war machines that should be physically impossible to build.

Fast and smooth gameplay with multiple opponents shooting at you from different sorts of vantage points means that you'll be in constant motion, trying to avoid getting pinpointed by enemy fire and shooting back as fast as you can. A feature that is completely unexplained at this point is called the Spirit Vision ability that the game characters have, for some reason. Basically, it is a simple way of letting you detect all enemies in the area and behind walls by letting you see their glowing “spirits”. Whatever the technical explanation for such an ability, it may make the environments and enemy hordes a little bit easier to manage. However, it seems that this game is designed for teens who still have super-human reflexes and short enough attention spans to enjoy the hectic action.

Designed for multiplayer

The developers seem to be paying as much attention on the multiplayer aspects of Damnation as they are on the single-player, if not more. And who can blame them since the multiplayer functionality is something that can increase the longevity of any game, if done well enough. Indeed, the fast pace of the action in Damnation reminds one of all those online action shooter multiplayers where the gamers zip past at steroid speeds while shooting guns that are bigger than the characters. Luckily, it seems, at least for now, that there will be no jumping in Damnation, so at least that eternal irritation may be absent from the multiplayer. The huge, open vistas certainly provide an excellent environment for large groups of online gamers fighting against each other. It will be very interesting to see how this side of the game is welcomed by gamers when Damnation comes out.

Getting steamy?

If platforming a la Lara Croft and action in the vein of shooters since Doom are your thing, then Damnation will certainly be something you should look forward to. It may not offer anything new, per se, but it seems to try to do a good job of combining lots of old into a brand new package. We will find out just how well they have succeeded when the game comes out this Christmas.