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Crysis 3 review
William Thompson


Predator versus aliens

Slipping into the Nanosuit

But it is not just the weapons in Crysis 3 that are used to help destroy enemies. The Nanosuit is again a main ingredient in the Crysis recipe. Crytek have revamped the Nanosuit upgrade system a little from Crysis 2. Upgrade kits can be found scattered throughout the mission areas. Once collected, they can be used to unlock the Nanosuit upgrades. Upgrades include longer cloaking times, improved strength, faster health regeneration, better armour or improved shields.

The Nanosuit and its varied array of applications certainly help to open up the somewhat linear gameplay. Although the areas seem quite large, the game isn’t a free roaming as was the case with the original Crysis. Yes, it is definitely more open than the previous instalment, but personally I would have preferred some less linear missions. Having said that, though, the Nanosuit allows gamers to use varied game styles and it is up to you how you use the Nanosuit’s abilities. Do you, like me, prefer to be a stealthy ninja-style protagonist? Or do you like to announce yourself to the enemy and go in all guns blazing? Certain areas will call for a specific approach, but it is definitely up to the individual to choose which method suits their style.


For those who like to compete against a human opponent rather than the AI of the single player component, there is a myriad of multiplayer options. With twelve maps and eight game modes, there is certainly something for everyone. Each of the maps requires a different strategy, some having tight confines whilst others feel quite expansive. And the multiplayer modes allow for varying styles too. There is the standard Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes, but I actually quite liked the new Hunter mode. In it, two players play as Hunters, armed with Bows and Nanosuits with infinite stealth. They go up against six players, playing as CELL troops. The two Hunter players have to stalk and kill the others and every time a CELL player falls, they also become a Hunter, until they've all been tracked down. At the end, if just one CELL player survives, that team wins. It certainly adds some variation to the tried and true modes.

Graphic card issues

Be warned. Although Crysis 3 is wonderfully stunning to look at, it does require a graphics card with DirectX 11 compatibility. It is rather a strange move from EA and Crytek, because although myself, other reviewers and hardcore gamers will no doubt have no issues, the average gamer may simply choose not to buy this game because they don’t have the required graphics card. And they will be missing out, because along with the beautiful graphics, the game is a heap of fun to play. The single player mission is a tad on the short side (although I have recently played Borderlands 2 and that has a lengthy main story in comparison) and as was the case with the original Crysis, sort of peters out near the end, but the multiplayer modes make up for it. As mentioned, the new Hunter mode was particularly a favourite of mine. The new Predator Bow is also a great addition to the weaponry especially for those who prefer to play in stealth style. But there are plenty of other weapons and Nanosuit upgrade choices for any playing style.


fun score


Gorgeous visuals. Smooth gameplay


Somewhat linear, not as open world as the original but better than Crysis 2. The gorgeous visuals will be missed by those without a DirectX11 compatible GPU.