Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

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Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight


Closer of the Tiberian saga?

New additions

All factions have been split up into three classes – offensive, defensive and support. Offensive will push the fight forward, defensive hold your ground and support help the above mentioned classes on the field a bit less directly. What is important to note that the developers have said that all classes are capable of winning the battle and will be able win in direct combat.

On top of that is an experience system, where you gain experience whether you are in a single-player game or an online one. Spending experience will unlock new upgrades, units and structures. It is a persistent system and all your statistics will be bound to a single online profile, making this a big change from previous entries. Besides the almost obligatory compulsion to keep on gaining experience, it allows for a softer learning curve. Instead of tossing all the structures and units at you at once, unlocking parts and pieces bit by bit allow for a greater opportunity to slowly learn the intricacies of everything the game has to offer. That said, any RTS veteran should not be too worried, as simply being good at the game means you will gain experience, level up and attain all of the game’s units and structures much, much faster.

A greater change to the gameplay however comes from the Crawler. It is a critical unit and used for pretty much everything – building structures and units, attaining powers and upgrades and to shoot things. Everything comes from the Crawler. As much as it is the base of all operations, the Crawler is also a capable offensive tool, essentially making it a mothership. The tactical possibilities the Crawler brings certainly sound exciting and even more so when taking the game online. It has been confirmed that multiplayer will allow for up to a max of 10 people, which is absolutely a huge number for an RTS. The intermingling with different classes and the persistent profile should make for some chaos. Included as well is co-op mode. Multiplayer sounds huge.

Saga closer

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is looking to end the Tiberium saga in a big way. It will close the book on the storyline and basically redo the game’s foundations. It is also refreshing to see the game being developed with only the PC in mind, which means less compromises and greater focus thanks to one platform that the RTS was designed for. The game is set for a March release, which means it will be another game in the absolutely bonkers Q1 and a month after another huge RTS release, Napoleon: Total War. Try to get some sleep.