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Colin McRae DiRT review
Sergio Brinkhuis


DiRT takes the series off the beaten path

Going arcade? (cntd.)

The game lets you tweak shock absorber settings and the like. Fiddling around with those settings can make a profound difference in how the car handles. These changes didnt really make it any easier to drive however, so why bother? Obviously all this has been done with realism in mind but for those who want the thrill of racing without all the hassle, the game is fairly inaccessible. Then again, most racing sim fans will be used to difficult car handling. A steering wheel (I was unable to test with one) might make a real difference here too.

Mad insanity

Realistically modeling 45 cars is a difficult enough feat to accomplish. Applying an equally realistic damage model to them is even harder, yet DiRT pulls it off as if it were its second nature. At the beginning of the race your pristine car will be shining brightly in the summer sun. The camera slowly rotates around it to further instill the sense of how beautifully rendered it really is. If you have driven a race before, you -know- how that is about to change. Unless you are a particularly gifted driver, you will bump into cars and objects throughout the race. A small bump will cause some minor damage. Scratches really. A bigger bump may cause the windshield to crack and small parts to fall off the car. So far, so good. A real crash will do serious damage and doors, hoods, bumpers and all sorts of other parts will fall or bounce off and litter the track left and right. Cars (often mine) cross the finish line in a state that is reminiscent of a Destruction Derby and looking barely fit to drive. Madness, but a fun madness!

Before you start doubting my racing skills (okay, so maybe they are not wonderful) I really should mention the racing style of your fellow race drivers. You see, they are insane. They, like you, aim to win. In order to do so they will gladly push you off the road. Sometimes you will wonder where they learned to drive. Mostly though, you will be impressed by their driving and their ability to deal with the mess that other cars are making, trying to find a path around a collision up ahead. In short, the AI drivers will offer you a real challenge and make you crazy in the process.


Colin McRae DiRT offers a fun, yet raw racing experience that is unmatched by any of its peers. Some of the cars that you will drive are brutal, others are delicate but all of them require your utmost attention. To win, you will have to stay focused and in control. Above all you will need to work hard to keep your adrenaline level under control as the game will give you a thrill not often seen in racing games. Or maybe you thrive on that adrenaline? If so, there will be plenty of it.

Codemasters effortlessly proves that Next-Gen gaming has been possible on the PC for some time now, even on a PC such as mine that is not considered to be a powerhouse. The only real disappointment is in its online play which is hardly worth mentioning, so I dont. Perhaps a future patch will give it the help it needs. Fortunately the single-player part does nothing but impress. Fans of the previous games in the series may have some trouble looking past all the changes. But once they do, I am sure that they will be delighted by the direction that Codemasters has chosen for their Colin McRae series.


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