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Battlefield 2 review


One of the biggest things to hit the gaming scene since... ever


A sharp criticism is the narrow size of the field of battle. If you wander too far off the map, the game claims you're deserting and gives you ten seconds to get back on the field. It penalizes your hit points as the seconds tick off. Aircraft are not allowed full range of the visible map. This adds a ridiculous restriction on the pilots who obviously are not running away with the plane. In reality, a jet can move great distances from the actual field of battle, then use afterburners and regain the field in a matter of seconds. The aircraft's area of movement is unrealistically, and disappointingly restricted in the game. It robs the armies of the options to engage in aerial combat away from the point of contact in battle, a tactic which armies employ to negate air attacks on ground forces.

Special operations personnel can cleverly and effectively sneak into an opponent's HQs area and take-out their radar and guns, but get no points which reflect this. For the point system, it's useless to do special ops. It's very difficult to shoot down aircraft, especially jets. However if you do, you only get two points, which does not reflect the actual difficulty involved and the value of the asset that was destroyed. If you damage a jet enough to force it to crash, no points are given. If you guard a flag, or spawn point with great effectiveness, meaning no one captures it, you are penalized in points for not being in the thick of the fray. This discourages people from bothering with it, though it (as all mentioned in this paragraph) is instrumental in a team's win. Most of these issues can be remedied.

Don't get me wrong!

After the above, it's easy to assume I'm not recommending the game but this isn't so. In fact, this game is so remarkable that if anyone hasn't played it, they aren't up on the advances in gaming embodied in this product. The reason I've written these points of criticism down is that many have shied away from them and I felt they needed to be said. If you look beyond thee above issues, you'll find an amazing game that could use some tweaking, but shatters old and sets new standards in its genre.

It's 3-D dynamics of visuals (shadows and light) and movement of characters and battle hardware are almost mystifying in their strength. It is so well done, often times it's difficult to remember to keep fighting, and not just watch the show unfold before you. The only other game I can think of that pits person against person with such intensity is Chess. The team play aspect rivals that of sports such as basketball and football real world. Though, it's not really a game suited to younger people. Not, because it's gory, or shocking in that way. It's that younger people might find their hands full just trying to manipulate all the buttons and the fabulous variety of commands, movements and attack/defense features. It's a two-handed game, one hand on the mouse one on the keyboard, and requires intense concentration with an active mind. Were I to rate this game on the 1 to 10 scale I'd have to bust the roof at x2, but the boss probably won't allow it, so I give it a 10 on the HookedGamers scale. It's an ultimate first-person shooter/combat simulator experience and if you're into that, you're gonna love this.


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