Anomaly: Warzone Earth

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth review
Josh Miller


A different take on tower defense

Replay Value

Despite containing truly unique and fun gameplay, your overall experience with Anomaly ends before you know it due to an extremely short campaign and little replay value. The campaign took me a little over 4 hours to complete, and that is with a few deaths that required me to restart levels throughout it. Once you have completed the campaign you unlock two bonus modes that provide you with a little extra challenge, but they barely add much to the game and simply reuse elements from the campaign.

Unfortunately there is no multiplayer either, which could have added something really unique to this gaming experience. Imagining one player in charge of the convoy and the other tasked with keeping them away with towers makes the game much more appealing, but sadly you are limited to competing for top scores on a leaderboard.

Going Above And Beyond The Call Of Presentation

For a small $10 game with an over the top RTS-like view, Anomaly looks rather good - not stunning, but good. Instead of going for a unique and colorful display style like the vibrantly colored Plants vs Zombies, 11 Bit Studios kept it simple. The environment is displayed how it would look in Baghdad with dusty ambient effects, decent lighting and fire graphics; and there is also a dark and dreary weathered Tokyo.

Aside from the graphics department, it was also nice to see a little effort put into extras like sound and story that would normally be absent from a game of this sort. The sound for explosions and weapons are all what you would expect, but the voice acting is actually quite good and does not leave your ears bleeding like many other low budget games. In such a small game like this, you would be forgiven for not expecting an amazing story. Whilst this is no compelling drama like that of the blockbuster Mass Effect for instance, the story is fairly interesting and even turned up an interesting plot twist at the very end that pleasantly surprised me.

Is It Worth Your Pocket Change?

Anomaly: Warzone Earth provides a pleasant experience and a welcome change to your run-of-the-mill gameplay. Its graphics, story, and sound are all decent and consistent throughout the entire game; but its true draw will be the tactical elements brought to the table.

While this certainly is not the kind of game that you will sit down and think to yourself I am going to beat this whole game today, you might just end up doing so anyways because of how short its length is. This is not an outstanding game by any standard, and although ten dollars will not really hurt your wallet by any means, the disappointing length of the campaign may make some of you feel like your hard earned cash could have been put to better use.

Ultimately, unless you are desperate for something new in the tower defense genre, I would wait for this game to go on sale or come in a bundle on steam, as this game will not satiate your hunger for very long.


fun score


Fun and tactical gameplay


Very short with little replay value