Alfa: Antiterror

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Alfa: Antiterror


Explore the world of anti-terrorism

Study, study, study

After you study the mission data and pick and equip your team of commandos, then it is time to go off to war. After you chose to start the mission you are then placed at the scene of the mission. Here is where you will issue each team member his individual operations commands or orders much like you did while playing Jagged Alliance or X-Com.

War looks good

The graphics are stunning in their detail. There are bombed out high-rise buildings so make sure you position your snipers in order to provide the team with some covering fire. Hide behind different vehicles or other objects such as trees, boulders, debris and any other thing you may imagine. You can't actually get in and drive the vehicles but they do serve as excellent cover. The graphic engine uses a bevy of modern technologies such as skeletal animation with real body physics. They have incorporated Scripting and self manufacture; Physics and Basic Physics, Collision Detection, Light-mapping; Shaders Vertex and Pixel Scene Management; Key-frame Animation, Skeletal Animation, Animation Blending and many more too numerous to mention here. Let me just say that the graphics package is extremely advanced and you will not be disappointed by its presentation. In addition to the advanced graphics technologies the game has additional Intel Hyper Threading and SSE optimization.

The sounds of war

Game sounds are actually very good. I was impressed by the sounds emanating from my speakers as I loaded the game. You hear what sounded like scratchy radio communications between unit commandos. It seemed to be in Russian so this actually made the installation of the game quite enjoyable. The in-game sounds are very good as well. All of the weapons fire was realistic and the explosions are true to life. There wasn't that incessant drone of the same music being played over and over again. I was impressed with the sounds and they are well done, just as the graphics are.

Did you finish your homework?

If you did your homework during the planning stage of the game then your fight against the various Talibs, Chechen terrorists and Al-Khaida will most likely come out in favor of the good guys. You can rest assured that the game infrastructure is very well thought out and implemented. They didn't just cobble together the same old shoot'em'up run of the mill RP tactical strategic fare like many other games of this genre have. Mist took the time to research the historical aspects of this title and they did it in a very tasteful way. Although the game is based on historical events and war, Mist left out some events that may be quite disturbing to some folks, namely the victims and their families.

It really is worth it

In closing let me say that Alfa: Antiterror certainly will be worth your time. In addition to the single player mode there will be Internet play, Lan, hot seat and even play by e-mail. The multiplayer mode will allow you to take on the role of other Western Special Ops Forces, such as GSG-9, SWAT or the SAS. You will even get to control a Delta Force squad and use the weapons and equipment that such a team would have at its disposal. This game will be sure to please and you won't be disappointed with it.