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Planet Puzzle League review


A Tetris Clone with some great enhancements

Planet Puzzle League review

The Puzzle League series began way back in 1996 with Tetris Attack for the Super Nintendo. At the time, the puzzle genre was fairly new; the genre's only memorable game was Tetris. The general consensus was that it was the king of puzzle games. But Tetris Attack changed all that.

Despite the name, Tetris Attack really didn't have any relation to Tetris at all. Tetris Attack had a much simpler goal--all you had to do was match up three blocks of the same color and you scored points. You scored more points if you managed to match up more than three. The game immediately earned tons of fans with its highly addicting gameplay and absolutely amazing soundtrack.

But just recently, Nintendo released Planet Puzzle League for the DS with added touch screen functionality and online play. With these two new features, fans expected PPL to be the best yet in the series. So, does it match up against the enormous expectations?

Is it just another Tetris clone?

During gameplay in PPL, players must line up three or more blocks of the same color vertically or horizontally. The more blocks you line up simultaneously, the more points you will gain. However, as you play, blocks will rise from the bottom up towards the top of the screen. Your job is to keep the blocks from reaching the top, for if they do, you will lose the game and your opponent will win. As you play, the blocks will rise up faster and faster until you can't keep up.

Matches could potentially last more than a half-hour, if you and your opponent are both extremely skilled. To remedy this, garbage blocks are introduced. If you manage to line up more than three matching blocks, a thick un-movable block will be sent towards your opponent and will crash down on their screen. This 'helps' them towards the top of the screen.


There are actually two methods to create garbage blocks. One is the aforementioned method which is called a combo. The more blocks you match at the same time, the bigger combo you will create which sends a larger garbage block towards your foe. The second method is called the chain. Imagine, if you will, that you just cleared a line of green blocks. There are two red blocks above these green blocks and another red block next to them as well. The green blocks will disappear, and the red blocks will fall due to gravity. They will then fall next to other red block, making a match of three. This is a chain, and they create far bigger garbage blocks than a combo. The bigger chain you create, the bigger garbage block.

PPL can get very competitive, and it is indeed tons of fun. When it gets to the point where the blocks are nearing the top and the music changes to become more fast-paced, it really gets your blood pumping. There is also a great sense of accomplishment when you achieve a 10x chain, and you send an absolutely gigantic garbage block towards your opponent.


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