James Bond: Quantum of Solace

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James Bond: Quantum of Solace review
William Thompson


Bond on the big screen, and the tiny one

The name is Bond... James Bond

Alright, first off, let me say that Im a bit of a Bond fan. Ever since I watched Moonraker starring Roger Moore in the role of the debonair spy, I have enjoyed the action and gadgets of Ian Flemings famous character on the big screen. There have also been some nice looking females in the movies too that always helps. I was massively impressed with Casino Royale and the harshness of the new Bond persona, and at the point of writing, am eagerly awaiting my chance to see the latest Bond movie Quantum of Solace. Strangely enough (but happening more often now), the game based on the movie was released prior to the big screen debut, so Ive been given the chance to take a look at it.

Not exactly solace

The title of the game is a bit misleading though. The game itself actually spans over the two Bond films starring Daniel Craig, Quantum of Solace and its predecessor, Casino Royale. Almost as expected with a game based on the Bond character, Quantum of Solace is an action game set in third person mode. The game is also played by holding the DS in book style, similar to the Brain Training games or Guitar Hero on Tour. The main method of control is the stylus with the d-pad or XYAB buttons used only to engage in combat.

The use of the stylus in Quantum works quite well. You control Bond by moving the stylus to the point on the touch screen where you wish Bond to travel to. Touching a spot near Bond will make him walk to that spot. Touching a spot further away will make Bond run to that spot. A simple touch inside the circle under Bond puts him in stealth mode, whereby he crouches down and is not so easily detected by henchmen.

There is a map that can be accessed (either the map or the inventory can be displayed) which is displayed on the non-touch screen. This shows locations of enemies as well as vital points required to complete missions. Unfortunately although you may be able to see your foes on the map screen, the main screen has a limited visible area to the left and right. You may be just metres away from an enemy but not able to shoot him due to him being marginally off screen.

The action heats up

Once in range, Bond can either fire his selected weapon at an enemy or get in close for some pugilist work or even sneak up in stealth mode and take out the unsuspecting adversary. Shooting is just a matter of holding the function button (d-pad or one of the XYAB buttons) and using the stylus to point at the enemy target. Targets will on occasions dodge and swerve in an attempt to not sustain damage. Controlling the fisticuffs takes a little more getting used to, but once you can work out where your enemy is going to attack from, it becomes just a matter of blocking his effort, which stuns him, and then pounding him till he drops. The enemy agents do get more difficult though as you progress and the controls can seem a little unresponsive if you touch the wrong areas when the going gets tough.


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