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Fossil Fighters review
Professor Layton


Pick up your pickaxes and head to Vivosaur Island


While finding and reviving fossils is quite fun and simple, the real enjoyment is when your vivosaurs are strong enough to fight. In a Fossil Battle, players must issue orders to their team of vivosaurs on the battlefield, and watch them as they perform an array of moves. If you can topple all three of your opponent’s vivosaurs, you win the battle. Learning how to make good use of both your vivosaurs and their skills is the key to victory.

The battlefield in which your vivosaurs duke it out on has three different types of zones: an attack zone, two support zones and an escape zone. In your attack zone, you can do major damage to your opponents attack and support zone, but you are also at a greater risk of receiving heavy amounts of damage from your opponent in this zone. In the support zone, you can attack your opponent’s attack zone, with a slightly lesser effect. You can also use support techniques on other vivosaurs from your zone. And finally, in the escape zone, you can avoid opponent attacks, but you’re also unable to attack. Once you move here, as well, you cannot return to the other zones for two full turns.

Another key gameplay element worth mentioning is Fossil Points, which are used to perform techniques with your team of vivosaurs. These points will deplete rapidly if you use powerful attacks, thus eliminating the possibility of using strong attacks every turn on your opponent. On a side note, you will gain a certain amount of Fossil Points every turn of the battle.


There is also plenty of fun to be had with friends, even though Fossil Fighters is fun enough as a single-player game. Not only can players engage in Fossil Battles with friends using their own vivosaurs and Nintendo DS, but they can also use an unlockable item in the game called the Fossil Cannon to send fossil rocks to friends via a local wireless connection. It’s a shame that the use of Nintendo WiFi Connection was omitted this time, but it leaves the floodgates open for a sequel to include such a feature.

Fossil Fighters doesn’t feel like a traditional role-playing game at times, as it basically allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Occasionally you end up triggering an event that will push the story forward. But for the most part, it is all about heading to the field, cleaning your fossils in the lab, and heading to the stadium to engage in battles. Die-hard enthusiasts will want to level up their creatures in battles, which will only help you rise to the top.


Other than the addictive gameplay, Fossil Fighters is packed with charm, and that is really what makes the game so addicting. The lack of online play is a little disappointing, but in general, the game is very accessible and even gamers of younger demographics will be able to pick up their trusty styli and jump in on all the action. You had best be ready to get your pickaxe and cleaning tools ready because this is one game you’re not going to want to miss.


fun score


Packed with charm.


No online play.