PAX Rising - The indie games of PAX AUS 2015

PAX Rising - The indie games of PAX AUS 2015


The Independent gaming scene appears to be taking off, especially in the land Down Under where there were dozens on show at PAX AUS 2015.

Tear Through - Bandit-1
Tear Through is a cool co-op tactical top-down shooter with players taking on the role of cops as they attempt to apprehend or exterminate targets in each level. The game, inspired by SWAT 4, and with similarities to the more recent LA Cops is a whole heap of fun. Using a variety of weapons, players can move stealthily through each of the levels or go in all guns blazing. With fully destructible locations, gamers can navigate their way through levels as they like. Just watch out for your partner, because friendly fire does the same damage to allies as it does to enemies.

For more info, visit the Tear through website.
Also check out their other title at PAX Aus, Western Press.

Armed With Wings: Rearmed - Sun Studios
This 2D hack-and-slash platformer is full of charm. Players take control of a ninja type character with his trusty eagle ally as they journey through the dark and dilapidated world of Black Mist. The black and white Limbo style visuals work wonderfully, setting a dark undertone in the story mode. Puzzle elements involve switching between the human character and his eagle companion, whilst the survival mode has players faces waves of enemies.

For more info, visit the Armed With Wings website, or grab a copy on Early Access copy on Steam.

Death Squared - SMG Studio
Moving a cube around a to a particular point in a labyrinth sounds easy. Having a friend (or up to three friends) move their cubes around the same labyrinth doesn't sound that much more difficult. But when one movement effects the other players, things can get complicated in this fun co-operative puzzler. The visuals are quite minimalistic with a Boom Blox feel, but are functional and very clear. Collective puzzle solving is the main focus and there was plenty of discussion by co-op players as to the solution to the problem, often requiring deft movements of each cube. This is definitely a game for an intellectual bunch of mates sitting on couch, and with 27 levels at present, there could be plenty of arguments brewing.

For more info visit the SMG Studio website.

Depth - Digital Confectioners (NZ)
Although it has already been fully released on Steam, Depth may not be widely known. It is an asymmetrical PvP which has gamers taking on the role of deep sea divers or as Shark, the predators of the sea. Matches have four divers versus two sharks (bots can be used to fill the void), with divers having the ability to upgrade during matches by collecting gold that is hidden in sunken ships. Sharks too can gain evolution points, effectively making them stronger by killing the divers. The visuals are dark and murky giving a suspenseful atmosphere in the depths of the ocean.

For more info, visit the Depth website or check out the game on Steam.

Blight of the Immortals - Iron Helmet
Zombies. They are still all the rage with The Walking Dead franchise and games such as the Dead Island series and Dying Light. Blight of the Immortals is a browser based co-op game that has gamers defending against a zombie infestation. Players combine their strength to take on the invading horde, but are scored based on their individual performance. Like many Facebook games such as Farmville, action takes place in a slow real time format and as such armies move from one node to the next quite slowly. Gamers can select one of a dozen or so races, each with their own special abilities and being that moves can take hours to complete, gamers can issue orders and then return when the allotted time runs out to order their next command. With card playing elements as well, strategy fans may want to take a look.

For more info or to join the fight, visit the Blight of the Immortals website.

Inflatality - Hojo Studio
The crazy air wavers you see at car yards combined with fighting games such as Street Fighter. That pretty much sums up Inflatality. Gamers get to customise their inflatable waver and then head into battle against an opponent in this colourful, tongue-in-cheek fighting game. The controls are really simple, but the physics model means that the characters are rather clumsy to control (by design). Once in battle, power ups can be gained after combos are accomplished resulting in the ability to use a devastating hammer blow. Simple to play, lots of colours and lots of fun to be had for gamers of all ages.

For more info, visit the Inflatality website.