A look at the Indie games from PAX AUS

A look at the Indie games from PAX AUS


PAX Aus was definitely a boon for the indie scene in Australia and for those in Melbourne in particular. Below are the best from the show.

PAX Australian Indie Showcase

The following PC games were part of the PAX Indie Showcase. We have already covered a number of them with full reviews (or hands-on preview in the case of InFlux), so I won’t go into as much depth for these.

Antichamber is a video game that is set in an Escher-like world. Puzzles often require thinking outside the square, or indeed cannot be solved at all until you gain the specific tools to complete the puzzle later on in the game. Everything about Antichamber, from the visuals to the puzzles is abstract, making it a uniquely fun puzzler.

For more info, visit the Antichamber website or read our review

Black Annex
Black Annex is quite a cool action strategy title that puts you in control of an espionage company. Your goal is to steal secrets for your clients in any way you can. This can be done by finding files or hacking into computers. It is up to you whether the missions will be covert operations or will be all guns blazing affairs. You can even take hostages. The visual styling is quite retro, sporting an isometric view and the pixelated characters and locations.

For more info, visit the Black Annex website

Part leisurely exploration game, part puzzle game, InFlux mixes the two wonderfully. The beautifully rendered outdoor exploration areas combine well with the sterile puzzle rooms. The hint of a storyline at the beginning only makes the shining orb you control all the more mysterious. The puzzles gradually introduce new problems as you travel further into the game, but once you’ve completed the puzzles of the glasshouse rooms and head back outside, the leisurely stroll (or should I say, roll) to the next room gets the brain relaxing again.

For more info, visit the Impromptu website or read our hands-on preview

Fractured Soul
The dual screen platform game on the Nintendo 3DS has transferred well to the PC environment. You have a better overview of what is happening due to the larger visuals and, according to developer Grant Davies, has been made a tad easier to play too. The feedback from gamers was that Fractured Soul was too difficult for some players and seeing how I myself had some frustrating moments, I think many will appreciate this change. The original difficult mode is still in the game for the masochists among us. New levels and sections have also been included in so even if you've played the game, there will be some surprises and new experiences to be had.

For more info, visit the Fractured Soul website or read our review of the 3DS version

MacGuffin’s Curse
MacGuffin’s Curse has the two personas of Lucas MacGuffin solve puzzles. Lucas’ two personas came about when he ‘borrowed’ a special amulet that transforms him into a werewolf in the moonlight. The brawn of the werewolf and the intelligence and dexterity of Lucas’ human form must be combined in order for Lucas to solve his dilemma and lift the curse. The game has some funny dialogue and the visuals have that retro mid-era Ultima feel.

For more info, visit the MacGuffin's Curse website or read our review