Gearing Up In Gotham

Gearing Up In Gotham


A Holiday Buyer’s Guide To Arkham City DLC

The Arkham Bundle - $14.00

The recently released Arkham Bundle is a boon for those who have been wanting to get in on some of the bigger DLC purchases for Arkham City but who have been holding off because of its price. It includes both the Robin and Nightwing playable characters (along with all of the extra features included with each character - more on that later) as well as the Arkham City Skins Pack which adds on an impressive seven new costumes for Batman to use either in the story campaign or in Riddler’s Revenge. Considering that purchasing each of these three DLC packs separately would cost you around $20 or so, it’s a great deal for thrifty Arkham fans.

The Robin and Nightwing DLC packs - even as standalone purchases - are already pretty good deals on their own. Each of these new characters comes equipped with their own signature combos, gadgets, and takedowns and they each come with bonus costumes; Robin with an animated look as well as the slightly more muscular “Red Robin” outfit and Nightwing with an animated alternate. They can both be played in any of the game’s Riddler’s Revenge maps and, like Catwoman, each comes with two new achievements to be earned by collecting both ranked and campaign medals.

Additionally, both Nightwing and Robin come bundled with two new challenge maps of their own (four in total) that offer new themes and locations set outside of the core story. Nightwing’s maps take players into Wayne Manor itself as they can either hunt down a group of criminals in the Manor’s main hall or put the beatdown on a pack of TYGER guards in the armory. Robin’s maps pit players against an entirely new foe: the psychotic gangster Black Mask and his thugs.

Gearing Up In Gotham

In Robin’s Challenge maps, players can either stalk Black Mask’s gang in a large meat-processing plant or take the fight to the Mask himself as they advance through a one-of-a-kind combat challenge map: a side-scrolling map that puts them on a speeding subway tram, forcing them to make their way through a gauntlet of tram-cars packed with Black Mask’s goons before engaging in a showdown against Black Mask himself. This unique spin on the popular side-scrolling beat-em-up formula is something loyal Arkham fans won’t want to miss out on.

Finally the Arkham Skins Pack is nice for those who want to give Batman’s look some variety and since it’s pretty much free if you purchase the Arkham Bundle, now’s the best time to take Batman out for a patrol of Arkham City in some new duds. The pack includes the six costumes offered as a pre-order bonus in the U.K. and Australia (1970’s Batman, Year One Batman, The Dark Knight Returns Outfit, Earth One Batman, Batman Beyond Outfit, and Animated Batman) as well as the Sinestro Corps Outfit originally offered as a bonus for purchasing the DVD/Blue Ray copy of The Green Lantern movie.