Top 50 Games Of The Last Decade: 30 to 21

Top 50 Games Of The Last Decade: 30 to 21


Day three of our feature and we are finally getting somewhere. Cramming 10 years of gaming into such a small space has proven to be difficult, fatal for some - some games are just worth dying for.

25. Ico (PS2, 2001)

Developer: Team Ico
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Top 50 Games Of The Last Decade: 30 to 21

Chills. That's what we get when we reminisce about Ico. Unique in every way imaginable; from story telling and visuals to combat and puzzles. There is not another game like it. The tale follows an estranged horned boy who was left to die within a beautiful ancient structure by his elders. The evil lurking within prevents him from escaping, but using the power of his ghostly friend Yorda who is also trapped, he is able to work towards freedom. An incredible atmosphere and tale of friendship that pulls on the heartstrings, combined with a diverse, intelligent and engaging gameplay is what makes Ico a masterpiece.

24. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii, 2008)

Developer: Nintendo Game Arts
Publisher: Nintendo
Top 50 Games Of The Last Decade: 30 to 21

Though the single player story was a tad forgettable, Brawl secures its place by being probably the most jam-packed with fan service game that Nintendo has released. The number of unlockables is simply staggering, and when you combine it with one of the best multiplayer games out there, Brawl proved to be more than worth the multiple delays. Let’s not forget that it finally let the age old question be settled; Mario or Sonic?

23. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (PS2, 2006)

Developer: Kojima Productions
Publisher: Konami
Top 50 Games Of The Last Decade: 30 to 21

You might be asking yourself why we chose MGS3: Subsistence over all of the other great titles in this prestigious franchise. The answer is quite simple: Snake? SNAKE?!? SNAAAKE!!! No not that, it’s on the list because its chock full of goodness. MGS3: Snake Eater was wonderful and all but Subsistence took it to a whole new level. Besides the campaign from Snake Eater it contained updated versions of the series’ first two games, and a fully 3D camera and online play (a first for the series). While the multiplayer was sort of hit and miss to the masses, everyone accepted the 3D camera with open arms because it gave the game a truly natural feel. Subsistence is the definition of insane gaming value.

22. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC, 2007)

Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision
Top 50 Games Of The Last Decade: 30 to 21

One series from this past decade has encapsulated a whole generation, and that is Call of Duty. Modern Warfare took shooters out of the WWII setting and into fighting the terrorists of today. Since it's release, the series has carried on to become the biggest selling franchise of all time, but it is Modern Warfare that is revered as the best of the lot. While the single player was a good thrill for a few hours, it was the game's multiplayer that shook the world and continues to do so even now. Attempts at recapturing the magic of Modern Warfare are plentiful, but it is still unmatched, and we have a feeling it will be for a while yet.

21. Metroid Prime (GC, 2003)

Developer: Retro Studios
Publisher: Nintendo
Top 50 Games Of The Last Decade: 30 to 21

Considering how beloved Super Metroid is, Nintendo took a pretty big risk in taking the Metroid series into 3D. But Retro Studios did the nigh-impossible, creating one of the most atmospheric games out there while retaining the tried-and-true gameplay that made Metroid a hit in the first place. Metroid Prime stands in an elite pantheon with classics like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 as a perfect transition of a 2D series to 3D.

As usual, remember to check the site again tomorrow when things start getting hot as we enter the top 20 games of the last decade. According to us that is, and you know that we are always right. Yeah? Well, if you have something to say there is a rather nice looking comment section below for you to do just that.

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