This Year's Best Space Aliens: The Showdown

This Year's Best Space Aliens: The Showdown


It seems that shooting aliens is coming back into fashion. Granted, the competitors are nearly all sequels so they are not original concepts, but the majority of these are arguably the biggest games this year.

Chimera (Resistance 3)
This Year's Best Space Aliens: The Showdown
The Chimera claim to be the rightful heirs to Earth and intend to meet their goal of terraforming the planet to their needs. They are a parasitic race (the worst kind) that comes in a variety of forms, with each type being very distinct through its appearance and accompanying traits. Some are humanoid whereas others resemble large beasts and insects. Their military capabilities are generally inferior to the human tactics, but they learn quickly and evolve constantly. The Chimera are technologically advanced but remain quite primal in essence.

Monstrosity: 83
Intelligence: 77
Vigor: 69
Threat to Humanity: 87

Ceph (Crysis 2)
This Year's Best Space Aliens: The Showdown
The Ceph have had time to adapt technologically and biologically to the warzone this time around; they more closely resemble humanoids and sport upgraded amour and weaponry. In doing so they have lost their distinctly alien look, but have also become a much more formidable foe. With a range of different troops providing the threat, the Ceph are more than prepared for battle. Organization, adept battle tactics and sheer resilience are the Cephs standout features. We still wish they were a little more alien looking though.

Monstrosity: 52
Intelligence: 81
Vigor: 89
Threat to Humanity: 89


All of the contenders are strong entries for the position as the Best Space Alien of 2011, but there can only be one winner. After much consideration we have decided

Necromorphs (Dead Space 2)
This Year's Best Space Aliens: The Showdown
Yep, we are suckers for the weird, wonderful and utterly gruesome. The added variations of Necromorph in Dead Space 2 grossed us out already this year, and while we have yet to face some of the competing species, we cant see any of them surpassing the rancid glory of the Necromorphs. The Necromorphs are not entirely original as they hold many resemblances to the microscopic invader in The Thing, but seeing these twisted deformations in a game is utterly terrifying. It is not the most intelligent of species, but nor are the Xenomorphs in the Alien series our favorite aliens of all time.

Coming close to the top position were both the Chimera and the Ceph, but in the end we could not forget our terrified faces when sharing a tiny room with a Necromorph or two.

A strong contender that didnt make this list is Mass Effect 3, but a lack of information and a huge list of aliens to choose from means that we have decided to let it take a back seat for now. It could rightfully hold its own list of space aliens anyway.

Who would you have picked? Are there any we missed out? Tell us below!