9 Characters That Should Be In Mortal Kombat

9 Characters That Should Be In Mortal Kombat


The addition of Kratos from God of War as a playable character in Mortal Kombat got us thinking. What other well-known characters would we love to see dueling to the death in the classic gory fighting game?

6. Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse)
9 Characters That Should Be In Mortal Kombat

Origin: Chaosrealm
Specialites: Regeneration, Colon Removal, Bloodthirst
Weakness: Under the control of the Terror Mask

Rick is an animal! He has a regenerative ability that means hacking off an arm only provides him with a club to beat around your head. He is quickly tempered and excited by the sight of blood. If there is an excessive amount of blood present, Rick will absorb it and then grow extra bones which act as plated armour as well as increasing the devastation of his melee attacks.

Fatality: Rick delivers a huge punch to the stomach that forces the opponent to keel over. He then moves behind them and shoves his arm up their anus and pulls out their colon.

7. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)
9 Characters That Should Be In Mortal Kombat

Origin: Netherealm
Specialities: Giant Knife, Tongue, Terror
Weakness: Slow

Pyramid Head is extremely powerful and capable of delivering death in just a few swings of his giant knife. Being somewhat of a sadist, Pyramid Head loves the thrill of distributing pain. If the opponent gets too close he will grab them and stab them with his tongue that protrudes from his pyramid-shaped helmet.

Fatality: The world grows dark and the victim is left terrified. Pyramid Head steps out of the shadows, raises his huge knife and slams it down to the ground. The victim is left split in half right down the middle and Pyramid Head re-enters the darkness.

8. Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2)
9 Characters That Should Be In Mortal Kombat

Origin: Earthrealm
Specialities: Paddlesaw, Duct tape, Motorbikes
Weakness: Being a loving father

Chuck isnt a brilliant melee fighter but he is very creative and will pull out a number of different weapons that he has created with the aid of duct tape. His standard weapon of choice is a spiked baseball bat and with this he has good reach and a devastating attack.

Fatality: Chuck pulls out a Molotov and throws it at the victim in order to set them on fire. Chuck then duct tapes two chainsaws to a paddle and swings his invention about in such a way that the opponent is left in tiny, flaming bits.

9. Postal Dude (Postal)
9 Characters That Should Be In Mortal Kombat

Origin: Chaosrealm
Specialities: Animal Abuse, Scissors, Shotgun
Weakness: He works too hard

Postal Dude is very hostile and shows no remorse for the pain he dishes out to his opponents. His main weapons are kicks to the face and his shotgun with attached cat silencer. He has a good range of attacks that make him deadly at any distance. We would like to think that he would have a special move in which he shoves his shotgun up the ass of his opponent and uses them as a silencer. Ya know, give the cats a break.

Fatality: Postal Dude chucks several pairs of scissors at his opponent, which stick into them leaving them looking like a pincushion. He then whips out a diseased cow head and chucks that at the victim. The cow head emits a yellow mist that panics the victim and causes them to puke blood and die. Postal Dude then walks over to the corpse, pulls down his fly and urinates over the body.

There are bound to be plenty that we have missed out. So who would you like to see spilling blood in Mortal Kombat?