Viktor Juhasz on King Arthur II

Viktor Juhasz on King Arthur II


Viktor Juhsz, content designer at NeocoreGames for King Arthur II, discusses the development process and shares some thoughts on the fantastic monsters, the wifes and the new features of this upcoming Role-playing Wargame.

Viktor Juhsz: In King Arthur II, youll have to fight to heal the king and Britannia at the same time, defeating the force beyond all this, Queen Morgawse, the mysterious Witch Queen from the Orkney Islands. Your main goal is to restore peace to the glorious empire and expand its borders to the north. Fight against the demon-like Fomorians and the powerful dragons of Wales, gain control over the newly emerging empire in the former Roman provinces, battle the most powerful shamans of the northern Pict tribes and overcome all the challenges that may cross your path to the glorious victory.

You can naturally influence how the story unfolds. You are playing the role of Arthur himself, looking through the eyes of the main protagonists. Both you and your heroes can change just as they did in King Arthur according to their decisions.

Hooked Gamers: A fun mechanic was the ability for heroes to marry, adding both negative and positive effects to their own special traits. Often though, the partners were more trouble than they were worth as negative traits usually outweighed the positive ones. Will this change in any way?

Viktor Juhsz: Marriage will be still an important part of the game. Even if the wives have some negative traits which is not quite decided yet they will be definitely worth marrying.

Hooked Gamers: What changes do you expect will be made to city and province development?

Viktor Juhsz: Generally speaking, in King Arthur II we put a lot more emphasis on the RPG elements and you can use the Campaign Map to develop your heroes and the important locations. The hero and army management will be more detailed, and you can also manage your artifacts now as you will now be able to forge new items.

Hooked Gamers: Is there any feature that you are currently considering but arent sure yet if it will make it into the final game? If so, why?

Viktor Juhsz: We are not exactly sure how we will implement the morale system into King Arthur II. Wed like to change the global army morale system of the first game, and were considering the introduction of a unit-based morale system, but well have to examine how it works out during the focus testing and whether it fits well into the gameplay and battle mechanics of King Arthur II. Well see!

Hooked Gamers: It is our tradition to give developers a chance to say something about the game that they are desperate to get out. Is there anything burning on your lips?

Viktor Juhsz: We are really involved in the development of King Arthur II, so naturally I feel the need to convey our enthusiasm. The whole atmosphere of the game is starting to shape up and its fascinating. Its a great pleasure to make a sequel, especially the way we are approaching it: weve put a huge emphasis on making this game enjoyable for those whove played with the first King Arthur and those who buy it first, as a stand-alone product.

So go and free Britannia from the Fomorian invasion, fight or recruit fantastic monsters, go on quests and use your tactical abilities in the epic battles. As we say: Rule Your Destiny.

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