David Prassel on ORION: Prelude

David Prassel on ORION: Prelude


Spiral Game Studios is working on ORION: Prelude, a fast-paced, first person shooter with a heavy emphasis on team-based, multiplayer play. We sat down with David Prassel, Project Director for Orion, and discuss ORION's progress, challenges and more.

Hooked Gamers: Just how big are the maps that you play on, and how do the various mission types make use of them?

David Prassel: ORION: Prelude will launch with 3 main game modes. VITAL is the most anticipated. It is a dynamic and constantly changing game-mode. It will include all of the major features including the vehicular combat, the dinosaur interaction, satisfying objectives, and large open levels.

Next, is LOCKDOWN CTF, which is our take on one of the most classic game modes of all time. This is actually making a return from the SOURCE MULTIPLAYER BETA and has received a wide variety of changes and additions to better the experience.

Both VITAL and LOCKDOWN CTF will be playable on the same set of maps.

Our Co-Op game mode, as mentioned before, will have its own set of maps and will be much more cinematic and created for a shared gaming experience. We hope to release more details about the Co-Op element in the coming months.

Hooked Gamers: You have also just signed a deal with NVIDIA which means that ORION: Prelude will support 3D vision technology. How is this going to change the game and what can players expect to get out of using 3D vision over non-3D users?

David Prassel: Regarding the 3D aspect of ORION – we are extremely excited about this new technology. I had the opportunity to experience it for the first time in Seattle a couple of months back and ever since then I have toyed with the idea. Its official now and the PC version of ORION: Prelude will support NVIDIA’s 3D VISION technology.

We are going to be using this technology to “compliment” the game and experience. We are not simply going to layer everything with 3D and just go crazy. The largest portions of the game that will be receiving the treatment are the Player HUD and particle effects – including grenade explosions, bullet tracers, rain, and snow. It will be subtle yet satisfying.

Hooked Gamers: As is our tradition to give developers a chance to say something on their way out, is there a bit of information that we haven’t covered and you really want to get out there?

David Prassel: I recently saw Jackass 3D in the movie theaters. I think it’s a great direction for Hollywood and a great movie experience. I think everyone needs to do themselves a favor and take time out of their lives to go and see this amazing piece of cinema.

Hooked Gamers: Ok... well I think that about wraps up the extent of this interview, so David; do tell everyone where they can get the latest news, videos, and previews for ORION: Prelude.

David Prassel: We are big on interacting with the community. The best place to interact would be our company site – www.spiralgamestudios.com and to make sure to register on the forums. We’re going to be getting even more involved for ORION: Prelude including access to the beta, competitions, prizes, developer playdates and plenty of other neat types of interactions.

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