Hooked Chats With Lucha Libre AAA: HdL Devs

Hooked Chats With Lucha Libre AAA: HdL Devs


Masks on and aerial acrobatics at the ready folks! We chat with a couple of the developers behind Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring. Delve in to see what Mateo and Edgar have to say about this luchadore extravaganza.

Hooked Gamers: What kind of controls and gameplay features will we see?

Mateo: On developing the controllers and gameplay, we took some ideas from a favorite developer of ours: AKI. We loved the classic wrestling titles. Nevertheless, in the development of the gameplay we came up with ideas not only from wrestling games, but also from different titles, mostly arcade fighting games. When beginning to give shape to the grapple system, we even got some influence from the characteristic CQC system of Metal Gear Solid, as we wanted to take elements from a lot of parts trying to accomplish a true grapple sensation.

So, I guess I would say both controls and gameplay are a mixture of different video games with a bit -if not a lot- of new elements that make the experience mainly new and refreshing. The controls are simple enough for a beginner to pick up and start playing, but as you advance you will need to master the different combinations and timing in order to truly achieve greatness. And if you take your beginner skills online, you will probably get beaten badly unless you take some time to learn the controls and timing.

Edgar: (For the Wii version) The game really makes you move, you don’t just press a button and see the move happen, you have to earn it and it feels like being in an actual match. Let’s take the grapple for instance: once tied up in a grapple, you’ll see a special gauge on the screen like a gas meter showing who is taking control of the battle. You will have to take the needle to your side of the gauge by doing the proper gestures in time. When the needle gets to the desired stage of the gauge, you can execute your move. It’s very addictive, indeed: the guy that starts a grapple is not necessarily the guy who finishes it.

Also the high flying moves are very important, the more of those you hit, the more power you get by swinging the audience favor your way.

Hooked Chats With Lucha Libre AAA: HdL Devs

Hooked Gamers: How much of a factor will the Technico (good) group versus Rudo (evil) group aspect play into the game?

Edgar: Técnicos and Rudos are a representation of good vs. evil. All luchadores are either on one side or the other of this timeless battle. While técnicos are very lawful and respectful to the crowd and the tradition (but also the most high flying guys). Rudos are hard hitting, rule breaking mean destroyers. Each side has their own fan base, so fans are also either rudos or técnicos. So in the game this matters a lot, if you like to jump off the ropes and plancha your opponents, Técnico is the kind of guy you wanna play, but if hitting them with chairs is more your thing, then Rudo should work best for you. When you select your character this is something to take in consideration because the crowd expects you to act the role you pick.

Hooked Gamers: How many real life luchadores are playable in the game?

Mateo: There are 31 real luchadores in the game, each with his own style, personality and moves.

Hooked Gamers: What kind of multiplayer is Heroes del Ring brining to the table?

Edgar: I think multiplayer is the greatest part of the package, playing toe-to-toe with your friends gets very intense and cool. You can gather your friends for a 2-on-2 match of pure action, fully using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck for a unique game experience.

Hooked Gamers: It is our tradition to give the developers a chance to say something about the game that they desperately want to get out. Is there anything that you simply must tell us this very moment?

Mateo: So many things, so many things. When you are in the stands you experience all the passion, the speed and the fun of the Lucha itself, and you never get bored of it. What we did on Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes del Ring was to translate those elements into the gameplay so that fans will actually feel that intensity and have fun. We´re very excited for the people to try it, as we think we created something new for the genre that is fun and refreshing. This genre has become stale. It is our hope that fans respond to the game and in turn push competitive titles to create newer features. Our arrival in the genre will only benefit fans because it will push competitors to strive for better things and our competitors will push us.

Edgar: We have received a lot of support from Slang, AAA and Televisa. For instance at E3, we took a bunch of the top guy’s at AAA and had a lot of awesome matches right there at our booth. Nevertheless, we felt we needed very detailed Lucha references all the time and for every detail to add as much realism to the game as possible, even if it cost me a few bruises.

By the time the development started I was half prepared as a luchador, so we just rented a ring, got me in it with another luchador and a video cam and started training hard. I ended up learning moves I never did before. It was crazy; I learned a move in the morning, practiced it all day (under professional guidance) and taped it at the end of the day to have fresh references in the morning.

Hooked Chats With Lucha Libre AAA: HdL Devs

Hooked Gamers: And when can we expect to see the game on store shelves?

The game will hit store shelves on October 12th, 2010

Hooked Gamers: Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to getting our hands on Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring.

Mateo: Thanks! Here on the studio we are all very excited about seeing the people enjoy the game as much as the Lucha Libre itself!

Edgar: Thanks to you and all the readers, and remember, it’s not wrestling, it’s Lucha Libre!

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