Dmitriy Demyanovskiy on Disciples III

Dmitriy Demyanovskiy on Disciples III


Disciples III has been in development since... forever. We spoke with Dmitriy Demyanovskiy about all the new features we can expect when the game is released.

Hooked Gamers: Next to the three playable races (The Empire, the Legions of the Damned and the Elven Alliance), there will be two non-playable races. Can you tell us a bit more about them? What sort of interaction does the player have with these two races? Can players, for instance, form alliances with them?

Dmitriy Demyanovskiy: Unfortunately, we can’t give you more details in regards with this. It will be a great surprise, trust us.

Hooked Gamers: There have been some questions about summoning creatures. No one is quite sure anymore whether this will really be a feature or not. Is it? And if so, can you reveal how it works and what sort of creatures players can call to their cause?

Dmitriy Demyanovskiy on Disciples III
Dmitriy Demyanovskiy: Yes, you can summon different creatures in the game. Being in the global map mode, you can summon them as a player – and use them to discover territory, for example. At the battlefield your hero can summon demon or elemental, if he has got the corresponding ability to do that, or if he is an owner of some artifact that allows summoning of a creature.

Hooked Gamers: Can we expect more of Disciples in the future? Expansion packs? Or maybe a complete new game in the series?

Dmitriy Demyanovskiy: You’re right in all ways, but it’s still a secret – please understand us: at this stage we just cannot open all cards. But you’ve probably heard that we’ve made some mentions about the first add-on which will contain the new Undead race … and all the other stuff will be announced in the official press-release :)

Hooked Gamers: Are you guys considering, at the start of each Battle, manual unit (of a party) placement in the battlefield or will the units be placed automatically in the battlefield according to their position in the party?

Dmitriy Demyanovskiy on Disciples III
Dmitriy Demyanovskiy: You do not have the possibility to make a formation when the battle has started. But you can do that when you’re traveling on the global map, before you engage your enemy. Your units will use the last used formation by default.

Hooked Gamers: When we level up a leader , do we just choose a skill (like DII) or do we also get few attribute points that we can spend to increase attributes (like strength, dexterity, agility...) as we see fit?

Dmitriy Demyanovskiy: Yes, we can spend the experience points to increase our attributes as well as to learn new skills.

Hooked Gamers: It is our tradition to give developers a chance to say something about the game that they are desperate to get out. Is there anything burning on your lips?

Dmitriy Demyanovskiy: Well, maybe we won’t be original, but there are very many factors, that make us absolutely sure about the statement: that’ll be the best game ever!

Hooked Gamers: Thank you!
Dmitriy Demyanovskiy: You’re welcome.