Thomas Friedmann on Settlers II - TNG

Thomas Friedmann on Settlers II - TNG


It is not every day that an old, popular classic gets a proper remake, so when it does, we pay attention and dig deep to get the specifics.

Hooked Gamers: While we're very excited about this remake, we were a little disappointed to learn that the game's campaign mode only has 10 missions which sounds rather short. We're assuming that there also is a single player free- or skirmish mode. Besides the map editor that comes with the game, is there also a map generator?

Thomas: There’s ten levels to the campaign, but many of our testers and players take several hours per map to win, especially in the more difficult missions. We’re sure you won’t be able to finish the campaign in eight hours, as with quite a few other games now, rather you’ll take like twenty or thirty hours if you’re a good player.

Yes, we do have a skirmish mode, you can play any of the Multiplayer maps against the AI. There’s also a straight sandbox mode with no enemies and no victory conditions – so you can build a city without worrying about enemies. Also, this mode is great for advanced gamers who want to try out new build orders – to experiment with what to build when.

And yes, we have both a Map Editor and a Random Map Generator. Also, if you’ve still got your old Settlers II custom-made maps, you can import them into the new editor and export them into the remake format, so you can play the maps you designed ten years ago in a current game.

Hooked Gamers: The game will come with 8 multiplayer maps. That should keep people busy for a while but eventually players will want more. Can maps created in the editor be used in multiplayer games?

Thomas Friedmann on Settlers II - TNG
Thomas: We have eight maps that were custom-built for Multiplayer, and ten more that we created for Skirmish mode play. So in Multiplayer and Skirmish, you have 18 maps to choose from right now. (Playing a Skirmish mode map in Multiplayer may mean that one player has a slightly better starting position in the ten Skirmish maps. The eight “true Multiplayer” maps were designed so you can play them in competitive matches or tournaments without anyone having a better starting place than the others.)

And, yes, you can play custom maps you designed in the editor in Multiplayer. All you have to do is to send them to the other players and ask them to put the map in their map folder.

Hooked Gamers: In the first three Settlers games, a healthy economy could sometimes completely break down because of the path that produced goods would have to travel before they could be used. Huge piles of all sorts of goods could be found at major intersections. It was not always possible to find a solution for this. Some say it was part of the games' charm, others found it too bothersome. How does this work in the new game?

Thomas: If your transport system is breaking down, your economy isn’t healthy at all! Transport and transport infrastructure is a vital aspect of the game’s economy, just like in real life, and you need to make sure that both production and transport are running smoothly. If a road is blocked, you’ll want to build another one nearby, or maybe an alternative route for those goods that you need to transport in large quantities. You could build warehouses so your settlers don’t have to transport everything down that blocked main route, or demolish some of your buildings and re-build them somewhere else. But basically, if you don’t have enough roads and no space for new roads, you made planning mistakes, built everything too close together.

That’s where the game gets really competitive. You don’t need to plan too carefully in Sandbox mode – demolish a few buildings, build those roads, all you’ll lose is a couple of minutes. But in a competitive Multiplayer match, with five other players working at building up a large army and upgrading their soldiers to better ranks, you’ll need good planning – you really need to plan your basic strategy and certain aspects of your city layout from the start of the game.