The Heavy Hitters From BlizzCon 2014

The Heavy Hitters From BlizzCon 2014


BlizzCon 2014 was not only Blizzards largest convention yet but also their best.

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Campaign Details

During the opening ceremony, viewers in the audience were shown a first glance at the final expansion for the popular real time strategy title Starcraft 2. Later, during a panel for the upcoming title, more details were given away. From a campaign standpoint, Legacy of the Void picks up where Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm ended. This time we play from the viewpoint of the Protoss, the most technologically advanced race in the franchise as well as one of the most mysterious. That is until now, as the developers want to flesh out their lore as well as continue the story of the Terran, the Zerg, and of course the Xel'naga that threaten the existence of all life in the universe.

With Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Jim Raynor set out on a desperate mission with an army of Terran rebels. In Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Sarah Kerrigan lead the Zerg in a mission of revenge. In this final chapter of Starcraft II, players will be leading Artanis and the Protoss as they desperately try to take back their homeworld of Aiur. At least, that's how it starts at the beginning. While they were not willing to give away too much on the story just yet, they did give us a lot to think on - including a reappearance of Zera'tul and Amon - and how it will impact Artanis in his mission to restore the society of his people.

Looking For Group

While most of the biggest things to happen at BlizzCon were on day one, with the majority of day two being focused on the tournaments for World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Starcraft 2, the evening gave way to the hour long documentary Looking For Group. In 60 minutes, Blizzard took us down a road behind the scenes of their most iconic franchise from the years before even the conception of the original Warcraft, and showing us much of what has lead them to this point. Viewers watched as employees and fans of Blizzard Entertainment recalled their first experiences with World of Warcraft, how something that started off so small became an overnight sensation.

During the course of the documentary there were interviews with everyday people who have had World of Warcraft impact their lives, as well as interviews with celebrities such as The Guild's Felicia Day as they recount some of their experiences in the massive multiplayer online game. With most of the focus of day two being on the tournaments, Looking For Group managed to steal a big moment in the spotlight as it displayed not just the trials Blizzard dealt with bringing this virtual world to life, but the comradery of the team, the players, and the almost invisible line that separates them. It served as a great final presentation for the convention as a whole, especially considering they are celebrating 10 years of World of Warcraft and 20 years of Warcraft.

Finishing With A Bang

While the Blizzard presentations and tournaments had died down, the show was far from over, as this year's BlizzCon finished louder and prouder than ever. First to the stage was Blizzard's in-house band Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain who leveled up tonight, only to abandon the level and just settle on ETC. With a setlist containing crowd favorites such as Rogues Do It From Behind and I Am Murloc, along with a new song We Never Shall Fall it served as a heavy, fitting, opening for the main act of the concert finale.

Metallica took the stage as seriously as they would any normal concert, with a set list far surpassing several recent ones. Opening with Hit The Lights, cranking it up about halfway through with Cyanide, and then ending the show with Enter Sandman. That is of course, until the audience coaxed not one but two encore songs out of them, ending on the classic fan favorite Seek and Destroy. In total, by the time the entire concert was over, ETC had played 5 songs while Metallica played a whopping 14, bringing a heavy metal end to a gaming-heavy two day convention. As the convention came to a close, and people started leaving still just as excited as when they arrived it was clear to see that BlizzCon 2014 was not only their largest convention yet but also their best, serving as a worthy precursor to the release of Warlords of Draenor on November 13th.