Baldur's Gate Teaser Site Dissected

Baldur's Gate Teaser Site Dissected


Beamdog’s teaser site leaves little doubt that they are about to announce a Baldur’s Gate game. The logo, the character portraits in the back, a text that is easily identified as coming from Forgotten Realms lore… The fact that Trent Oster – co-founder of Bioware – is heading up Beamdog… If you are still in doubt after all that, you haven’t played the original games.

<!-- For years, I clung to the memory of it. Then the memory of the memory. -->
Joneleth Irenicus said that, reminiscing about the love he once felt for Ellesime, the Elven Queen. I’m not sure what to make of it, other than that Jon was the main bad guy in Shadows of Amn. As the player foiled Jon’s plot to become an Elven God, it may be his wrath that Sarevok’s quote is a reference to. Sarevok and Jon could be a daunting pair to fight.

<!-- And then… it returned. Better than it was before. -->
I don’t think this is a quote from Baldur’s Gate, making this one of the more intriguing messages of the bunch. My immediate response was “okay, so we’re looking at a remake”, but perhaps that is a bit too easy. Possibly, it is a phrase uttered by a returning character – most likely an antagonist – commenting on his returned form. Jon died at the hands of a demon host, or did he? Could it be that Jon “pulls a Kerrigan” and returns to lead the demon host in a new body?

<!-- Pore over the tapestries and works of art hanging from our walls if you wish, Child of Bhaal… perhaps you will find a clue. But patience, ah… patience would reveal it all. -->
Again a quote that does not seem to belong to the original games. I’ll risk dismissing the part about patience as Beamdog just telling us to be patient, but what does the rest mean? The tapestries and works of art clearly reference the background image and the Baldur’s Gate logo featured on the teaser site, and these are obviously clues. But if Beamdog is speaking to ‘us’, it would also suggest that we are reading it being “Children of Bhaal”. Considering that Bhaal is the Lord of Murder and god of death, this part doesn’t seem to apply to the original protagonist who has worked hard to thwart each and every one of Bhaal’s minions. As it is unlikely that the player switches sides, I have to speculate that Bhaal, or someone working for Bhaal, will be attempting to take over the world. As that isn’t a particularly novel idea as compared to the original games, it does not answer the question if we’re looking at a remake or a new game.

Note: commenter Nameless reminds us that the original protagonist's father - is - Bhaal. Beamdog is definitely talking to us (players of the game). Good to know, but it does not open up new speculations.

<!-- As the silver moon waxes and wanes, so too does life. -->
This is a particularly interesting one. It also does not appear to be a quote from the Baldur’s Gate series, but one Forgotten Realms race has strong ties to the moon: the Eladrin or Elves, and in particular Moon Elves. This leads us back to Jon, who has schemed against the Elves before and shares an obvious history with the Queen of the elves, Ellesime. He also has a score to settle with her for banishing him from the Elven city and meeting place Suldaneessellar. Is the power of the Elves waning? Is Jon again plotting against the Elves?

There may be more answers beyond these clues on the Baldur’s Gate site though. Did you ever wonder why Bioware named their ‘spiritual sequel’ to Baldur’s Gate ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ rather than make Baldur’s Gate 3? It is because they do not own the rights to the Baldur’s Gate name. Atari does, and they tweeted only two days ago that they had a big announcement coming. Two days ago was conveniently the same day as the Baldur’s Gate teaser site launched. Coincidence? I think not. They even hinted towards something great from their past, and Baldur’s Gate was certainly that. Would Atari call a ‘remake’ a – big – announcement? Probably not.

Recapping (but still speculating), we are most likely looking at a new game and not a remake. Baldur’s Gate 3’s storyline almost certainly sees the return of Joneleth Irenicus who is looking for revenge. While it is impossible to gauge what it is exactly that he is trying to achieve, it is probable that the Elves are on the receiving end of his anger and it is, of course, up to the player to keep him from fulfilling his goals.

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