'Black Ops II' PC gets much needed update

Treyarch have released a patch for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops II adding a much needed modified Team Deathmatch mode.

Here's what the update includes:

Featured Improvements

- Added a limited time game mode to the Bonus Playlist, the Arms Race Team Deathmatch variant awards players 150 score per kill. Let the Scorestreak wars begin.

- Added a new playlist to Party Games that includes all party gamemodes. Get the party started with Party Mix.

- Party matchmaking is no longer determined by the partyleader’s content ownership, but is instead determined by any content that is owned by all party members.

- General improvements to matchmaking.

Multiplayer Issues Addressed

- Fixed an issue where portions of the screen would be cut off in some display resolutions.

- Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur while rendering a clip.

- Fixed some cases where gamepad button prompts would be missing while using a gamepad.

- Fixed an issue where the double XP icon would appear in Custom Games and League Play when double xp was not being awarded.

- Removed an erroneous store link in the videos section of File Manager.

- Store links now correctly link to individual item store pages instead of the Black Ops 2 game page in Steam.

- Fixed an issue reported by the community where players could get infinite ammo for the Death Machine and War Machine.

- Addressed an issue reported by the community where players may not die when getting stuck with a Crossbow Bolt.

- Fixed an issue reported by the community where the Hunter Killer drones will float around slowly when they miss a target from a certain angle.

- Players can now enter the crouched position while sprinting with the Riot Shield equipped.

- Care packages now appear in blue and orange on the map when Color Blind Assist is enabled.

- Resolved an issue where players and turrets could survive the water rush when in certain areas on Hydro.

- Addressed an issue with League Teams appearing incorrectly when a player views another player’s League Team in the Leaderboards.

- Fixed a formatting issue in Leagues Season Final text where the date the player was placed was wrapping incorrectly.

- Overkill challenges will now progress if the player is using an alternate select fire mode.

- The upper metal plate of a planted Assault Shield now appears in the proper position during a Killcam.

- Addressed an issue with the Custom and Private Match change team scoreboard not updating in real time when the overlay is on screen.

- Addressed a rapid scrolling issue in the Preset Class Menu.

- Chopper Hunter Field Specialist challenge updated to Aircraft Hunter with a description that reflects the aircrafts that need to be destroyed to complete the challenge.

- Fixed an issue with the last player alive defusing the bomb in Search & Destroy not receiving any defuse points.

- The icon to distinguish a Search & Destroy bomb location is now visible to a Codcaster who is spectating the defending team.

- Fixed an issue in the Combat Record where the images would disappear when scrolling off of and on to the Combat Record.

Gameplay Balancing

- Reverted global spawn influencer change from previous game update due to undesirable side effects.

Zombie Issues Addressed

- Players can no long get stuck by skipping the loading cutscene before a map has finished loading.

- Addressed various zombie pathing issues throughout the map.

- Fixed an issue where character conversations would overlap with each other.

- Addressed several exploits involving zombie pathing and the zombie shield.

- Resolved various pathing issues where zombies would not path to players behind open doors.

- Fixed an issue where players would see a ‘Connection Interrupted’ message on screen at the end of the game.

- Resolved an issue with textures displaying in low resolution.