Blizzard Worried That Diablo III Won't Meet Expectations

Diablo III is Blizzard's next big title, but even those involved with the title are worried that it won't meet everyone's expectations.

Bashiok, community manager over on the forums, isn't sure if players should temper their excitement or go overboard with it.
“I too worry that we won’t be able to meet the expectations people have built up for themselves,” he said.

“Part of my job is managing people’s expectations, so, eh, stop it. Stop thinking about how awesome this game could be.”
The community manager wants you to temper your excitement but still buy the game, know, the game actually makes money.
“So just like, lower those expectations, but still definitely buy the game please, and everything will be just fine,” he ended.
Diablo III is expected to be released at some point later this year.

Via Gamefront