Rockstar Pass Detailed In Video

Rockstar have released a new video detailing their recently released "Rockstar Pass".

The "Pass" was released earlier this week and allows players to pre-order the game's DLC and give's players access to the seven paid for DLC packs that are already available for the game.

Right now you can get the Rockstar Pass for $10 or 800 MS points, which is a 50% discount from the cost of purchasing the DLC individually altogether.

Once you pay for the "Pass" you will be able to download future DLC for free once it becomes available.

The DLC that is available now, are:

- “Chicago Lightning” Detective Suit (Free via the Social Club)
- “Chicago Piano” Machine Gun (Free)
- L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass (800 MS Points until June 14)
- "The Naked City” Vice Desk Case (320 MS Points)
- “A Slip of The Tongue” Traffic Desk Case (320 MS Points)
- The Badge Pursuit Challenge (160 MS Points)
- “The Broderick” Detective Suit (80 MS Points)
- “The Sharpshooter” Detective Suit (80 MS Points)

Available June 21:

- “Nicholson Electroplating” Arson Desk Case (320 MS Points)

Available July 12:

- “Reefer Madness” Vice Desk Case (320 MS Points)