Saints Row: Initiation Station Announced By THQ

THQ has announced Saints Row: Initiation Station, a free character creator for their upcoming title, Saints Row: The Third.

According to the publisher, the character creator will allow you to create your character “inspired by your favorite downward-spiraling train wreck celebrity, prima donna professional athlete, or as Steelport’s newest costumed superhero (or villain).”

You will have the ability to share your character with other players but you will also be able to download created characters designed by other players putting your own unique spin on them.

Initiation Station will also allow you to team up with your buddy and create a "dynamic duo" for play in the game's co-op mode.

The character creator will be free for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC with those of you who pre-ordered Red Faction: Armageddon getting early access to it.

Saints Row: The Third is out this fall for the PS3, 360, and PC.